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Good riddance for that fella! :) I don't think I could be with a guy who doesn't support my knitting. It's a random comment to make, I guess, but it shows very much whether they respect you as a person and all that... Luckily I've found so far that guys don't mind - since it means it keeps me busy while they're watching football on TV! ;)

Thanks for posting this week, I may have said this before but I'm really happy I've discovered your blog and I look forward to following more closely from now on! :)


I have loved your blog week contributions. I feel your pain though - it has been hard on me too for the very same reasons. I enjoyed the experience but I will be so happy to back to my randomness that is me.. lol.

Oh and I love your chair - it is very similar to one of the chairs in my living room... so see, you could come work in my house, we'll watch some Hugh Grant magnificence and enjoy some fabulous Peppermint Mochas!


I have started to crochet whilst listening to the TuneIn radio app that I discovered on my Blackberry (or my Fruitphone as I call it). You can listen to over 40,000 radio stations from all across the world and you can define the stations by what they play and what you like to listen to. So, I sit and crochet and listen (sometimes I sing along) to classic rock on various American stations (they play better music by far than over here in the UK - it's all pop music and I hate it - there's no soul and no guts to pop music whatsoever IMO).

Z100.1 fm in Northern California is a favourite of mine or there is a Romanian station that plays non stop Bon Jovi all day, all the time (which is brill). And, I've also started listening to a station called 93.3 KDKB Rocks Arizona!! Yep, I can get Arizona radio - isn't that the coolest knowing that you can be thousands of miles away on the planet yet still be able to listen to the same radio stations if you wanted to - that blows my mind totally how technology can let you do that!!


Loved that you shared all of this with us, Andi!

Love your chair, love that you are no longer with a guy that thinks knitting is lazy (yikes!?) and love that you sit yourself in front of TV & crochet/knit your heart out!

...I'm right there with you, but American Pickers has my interest when my hook is flying.


I have enjoyed your posts this week andi...and am glad you get to do what you want...when you want... and where you want. I listen to the radio in my craft room and watch TV in the evening...I can't not do it anymore...even riding in the car seems to be a waste of time and I'm beginning to want to take something along then!!! NOT while driving of course :) :)...but who knows!!!! I used to watch Bones...I liked looking at all her gorgeous necklaces...she doesn't wear them anymore so much.
so, you sit and knit as much as you want...get some rest and take care.... :) :) :)


You've done a very good job at blogging all week! I learned a lot about you, hi hi... I would love to knit all the time too, but yes, I limit my knitting time. Mainly, it's mornings and evenings in the weekend when I'm at home and one hour maybe sometimes at night on weekdays but rarely since I mostly read blogs on weekdays ;-) Twice a month, I go knitting with a group in a cafe. Otherwise, sometimes in front of the computer listening to podcasts but mostly, I knit in the living room watching TV or in silence! Ok, now you too know more about me now I guess!!!


I also watch tv most of the time while knitting, although it has to be something light, otherwise I get carried away. :)


Ah, yarn time! Such a precious commodity!

I knit or crochet mostly on the couch in front of the TV. My hubby likes to watch quite a lot of TV, and although I love to be with him, I was getting frustrated at spending so much time there. So I picked up my needles to give myself something productive to do :O) And so an obsession was born! Thankfully, hubby has noticed that I am much nicer to live with if I have my yarn time, so he doesn't complain!!

I will also crochet or knit in the car, on the train...pretty much anywhere :)

My favourite has to be a little cafe up in the hills where I sometimes go with my fellow yarn addict-friend (I blame her for everything. She got me hooked!!). We check out the lovely luxury yarns in the store across the road, and then sit in the comfy armchairs in front of the fire at the cafe. We were there for three hours the other day without being kicked out :)


Bones, yay! I went through 5 seasons of Bones while knitting just last year, in time for the new season.


I'm sorry for the heartache a break up usually brings but it sounds like your ex wasn't someone who nurtured your soul and that is definitely a requirement in a partner.

I find my knitting enthusiasm ebbs and flows but it is almost always how I try to end my day and it is great for unwinding. I have Bones in my queue (just finished Downton Abbey and loved it!!) so I'll have to check it out.


Hi Andi-

That chair looks so comfy! I've never knit at a bar but maybe I will try it sometime. I think I'd be afraid of spilling beer on my yarn.

As for me, I knit/crochet day and night. I usually pick one project to take with me to work each day. I'll crochet on the bus, but find it too bumpy to get any knitting done there. There are some couches at work where I spend my spare minutes crafting. And at home I usually listen to podcasts or watch TV on the couch while I work. I really love watching TV, but feel guilty if I'm not doing something else, too.


gosh, the same here. i sometimes felt pressured not to knit even when we watched movies together. singleness has been better for my creativity and productivity, which is good to have for while.

i love Bones as a companions for crafting. a fun show.


I love your chair too! I love knitting almost anywhere. I'll take my knitting in the car, even if I'm driving, just in case I get stuck at a railway crossing or something. Mostly though, I knit in the morning, watching the morning news before I go to work, having a nice cup of coffee.....oh, and then at night too if I'm not too tired!


No special spot. Except when lace knitting and then I lock myself in my room, jump into bed and devote all my concentration on following the pattern. But last night was one of those past midnight nights where I was glued to tv and making good progress on a project and yet knowing that i'd pay for the lack of sleep today. Love your chair by the way.

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