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lol...talk about cutting it fine! I think every knitter has probably stayed up to unearthly hours finishing off a project (not that 10pm is all that unearthly!). I know I have!!


Ooo... thank you for the new blogger find - she's fabulous! And I want one of those two but the one I want says "Yarn" or "Knit" on it... I know exactly where it will go too when I break down and actually buy it.

As far as the cheering of a friend - you did more than that. Dear readers, this sweet soul sent me two skeins of the softest sock yarn in the most precious shade of pink. That's way more than simply cheering on!!

Now, Miss Andi, we need to talk about you only catching the highlights though - I was for certain that you were up at the horrible hour with me to watch it live! It was perfect though - and I admit it, I cried too... lol.


Love your socks, great color. I just finished my pedicure socks and had so much fun knitting them that I might have to join the ranks of sock knitters and make some more :).


hooray for socks and for cheering on new sock knitters! it really has been quite a jam-packed week and weekend. oy. i'm ready for a quiet lull...


Your new socks are very pretty in that green! The stitch pattern reminds me of Thermal... The new ones will be really pretty too! I almost looked at the movie extract and then, saw "favorite movie" and "spoiler" so I stopped it. I should probably watch the whole movie then!


Now you know how much I love your knitting and crochet (and that green sock yarn ;) ) but most of all I love that stripey runner I have seen in a lot of your photos! So, so pretty!


Love your list! I want "that," too and have been coveting it for a while now. I'm a huge fan of sock knitting and have added slippers to that category which are great fun. Your FO is terrific! Happy May.

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