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Oooooh! That looks fabulous! Now, don't you feel better that it's done? What's the next thing on the list??

PS- I don't think I'll be starting the beekeepers quilt, but I have been busy with another blanket :)


ooh, what a beautiful blanket! congrats!

i love the monochromatic color combo.


I love the textures & shades! You certainly have a way with color~



Peppermint Mocha Mama

I'm coming for a visit... if after I leave, that particular blanket is missing... ummmm, check with your sister - I'm sure she'll be the one to have nicked it... not me, that's for sure.


whoa! you've made some serious tracks on that afghan. I really love the color scheme. yay for yarn progress!


I would snuggle under that beauty even if it was 90 degrees outside! What a wonder!


I'm glad you whipped it out - it's wonderful!!

cathy dunsmore

You did an excellent job with this blanket. I have always loved gray. It is truly gorgeous!

Tracy Marie

Stunning! Thanks so much for sharing your completed blanket - just beautiful!


So beautiful!!! Love the grays....I might have to copy you...that is if I ever finish the projects I have going right now :)

Linda, Knitting on Circular Needles

WOW is right! Andi, this is a compositional masterpiece; what a great arrangement of colors, textures, and patterns. And this is such a fun afghan - a nice reminded of all of your swap partners.

Happy snuggling . . . Linda


That blanket is beautiful! Love it in grey!


I just wondered, since I am new to your blog, how you set it up to get squares of the same color range from people all over the world? That is just awesome. I would like to do a project like that for some elderly people I know.

Who did you arrange it through etc? I belong to a few knitting, crocheting sites myself..ravelry, etsy, knitters paradise, allfreecrochet....

The afghan is just beautiful! I am more of a crocheter then knitter- haven't knitted an afghan yet but I have several crocheted afghans on the burner. Been looking for more unique square patterns since I am way past the old simple granny square.

Would love to hear how you started this.
please e-mail me with the information if you can. I think my e-mail shows in here to you only.
love your blog btw...


A beauty this is! I absolutely love it! Wow wow wow! Have a great weekend!


Oh I absolutely LOVE your blanket! It's gorgeous! The arrangement, the colours, everything is perfect!


One stunning blanket! JUST LOVE how it turned out - LOVE it! Enjoy your week. Carina x


Oh my gosh! That is just fantastic!


Wow, that looks amazing! Did you make up the squares on your own or did you follow a pattern. I know how to crochet basics but would love to learn to figure out stitches. Can you tell me where I can get the pattern or if it's something you created, is it for sale?

Tracy cox

I would pay you to make one of these for me just like this one.

Pam Sherry


I was wondering if you have a pattern for the squares in this afghan?? I had shared this picture of your afghan on my pinterest page and a couple of people are very interested in making it including myself. It is really gorgeous just the way it is colorwise. :)

Please help if you can,

Pam Sherry

Angelin Major

Hi, I was wanting to try the very same pattern,how can I get you're pattern?


Hi I also would love to get the pattern for this. I would do it as a tablecloth. Regards Ann

Jacqueline rein

I would also love the pattern especially for the beautiful way you have joined the squares. It's truly a beautiful afghan.


I would also love to get this pattern.


I would love this pattern as well! Its simply beautiful!

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