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I'm with you. Lots of inspiration and not a lot to show for it. Although I've been addicted to a computer game this week...

The people in the video are right. It is difficult to choose a favorite memory... Well, today my favorite memory is the time I went out in a big field in the middle of the country with a friend and looked at constellations through his telescope. I finally got to see the Ring Nebula, which I had wanted to see for years.

Mr. Puffy

Graduation Day ~ University of Notre Dame School of Law ~ Summa Cum Laude ;) An incredible sense of achievement for me because I was a high school drop out.


Favourite memories...where do I start?

So, so many :)))

The one that came to mind first was the first moment when I realised my (future) hubby really liked me. We'd just started seeing each other and I knocked on his door for a vist. He opened the door, smiled and enveloped me in a huge tender hug as if he couldn't help himself - our first hug.

Other than that
- talking for hours with friends until all sense of time has disappeared.
-exploring rock pools with my dad, with a cautious eye on the sea
- my first big (and only) hike, and how none of us could move afterwards
-seeing my premmie nephew for the first time and being consumed with love for this tiny, tiny being who whistled when he breathed
- seeing my 3 month old niece's face light up with absolute adoration when she caught sight of her mummy (yesterday's special memory)

I could keep going, but I won't. You've made me smile though ! :)))


Lovely memories...I had a bright yellow banana seat bike with yellow and silver streamers as a child....loved it!!

Peppermint Mocha Mama

I made some new ones yesterday...


Maybe it's because the seasons are changing but I'm finding myself full of inspiration, too, which also makes it hard to settle and complete WIPs. Favorite memories: Just made one over the last couple of days when taking my oldest on a college tour in the northeast and enjoying talking about his future with him. I took both my kids (younger daughter, too) and it was a lovely couple of days in each other's company, feeling excited about things to come. xo

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