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Amy (Peppermint Mocha Mama)

When I really need to buckle down and get to work - I will sit through the entire Harry Potter series. I have every single one on DVD. I've read the books multiple times and watched the movies so much that I could probably quote them from start to finish.

I have been known to throw on LorR when I am alone - Hobbit is cared of the Orcs... lol.


I am so impressed by the people who worked on that movie. I actually got to meet the lady who designed all weaves for the capes and various costumes. (Which were made out of her flock's wool, which was her own developed breed called Stansborough Grey)

I feel especially crafty when I can find a good series of TV shows to follow. I recently finished up River Monsters and am now watching Emily of New Moon.


Andi -- you've done it again. How do you find these colorways and these yarns. I adore the color of your Wollmeise and, yes, the shawl is perfect for showing off its subtle tones. And then your socks! You say that the photos don't do the colors justice -- I can then only imagine what these socks look like in real life!! I love to knit to music (Adele and the Decemberists are faves at the moment) and any movie makes a great companion. But we've started a tradition in my family of picking a TV series that is no longer on the air, borrowing all the DVDs from our local library (hooray for libraries) and having marathon watching nights. I end up having hours of joyful knitting while hanging with my family and watching riveting shows. It's all good! xo


The shawl is looking great! I'm looking forward to seeing Ruth's too - her yarns are awesome!

I love watching TV while I'm creating (as long as the pattern is relatively simple!), but I also find that sometimes I just have to work on the thing that I want to work on, and trust that eventually I'll want to work on those projects that are hanging around. Either that, or I'll eventually get the determination back to tackle them again!

Today, the hubby has the vroom-vroom cars on TV(yawn!) so I'm going to see how much I can knit in the space of 160 laps! Should be fun :)


...I've also noticed that my creativity increases if I have lots of other not-so-interesting things to do instead...;) Procrastination as an art form!


I love, love, love that Wollmeise - that yarn is sex on a stick!! And my purple socks look so lovely too - I do loves me a bit o' purple!!

I still haven't managed to start the feather and fan border yet as I am having a rest after messing it up the first time but I'll probably pick it up again tomorrow (Monday).


Looks like you're having fun! I do most of my knitting watching soaps in Spanish! Yeah, I'm learning Spanish and find that following a telenovela is a great way to regularly be in touch with the language! Knitting makes it even more fun to learn!

Lisa Q

wow! You are rolling through the projects...love all of what you have on your needles. I'll be that purple is fun to knit with. I love the socks and the shawl is going to be gorgeous. Have a wonderful week!


Whoa, your "knerd" is showing! Watching the appendices instead of the movies. Love the knits -- whoever posted about your yarn selection is spot on!

I have to admit I am a HUGE LOTR fan and seeing your post made me swoon a lot.

You've inspired me! I'm going to watch the 2nd one this weekend and try to catch up on my Nerd Wars project. I let The Kid watch Fellowship a few weeks ago ... let's see how he does with Helms Deep.


Like the grey socks.


The socks! Oh. The SOCKS.!! This is why I come here. To soak up the gorgeousness of the things you knit.....

Yes, the purple socks are insane. Insanely beautiful.

And the shawl is one that is on my 'I-wonder-if-I-could-ever-knit-something-like-that!?' list.

Phew. Thank you. Kids on the couch. Dogs asleep on the floor. Reruns of Gilligan's Island and knitting on my lap. That's what motivates me...oh, and the obvious blogirl-friends who post such marvelous projects.

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