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What beautiful yarn! And such cute little bags and markers! I would make a sweater (if there was enough yardage). I've never made one before but have been wanting to soon.


I love that color. If I won I would probably make a baby blanket. I am on a bit of a kick with lace and baby blankets lately.


Oh gosh, what would I knit with that beautiful aqua yarn? Hmmm, I think a scarf! It is one of my very favorite colors!!!! I hope I win!!!!! I love your blog, you inspire me to learn more about knitting!!!

Maura van der Linden

ooh - I love blues. I think I'd have to knit a nice, cozy shawl!

Charles Lee

Congregation on Your TWO Year Blogiversary!!!

If I won...I will make a Summer Lacy Top called "Peephole" -
from New Spring Knitty!!!

It soon to be a 100% in Summer CA weather..My mom will be injoy it!!!

Dennis Marquez

How very generous to do a giveaway! Congrats on your blogiversary!
I would be spoiled a little bit too much if I would win this the 6th of April, since that's my birthday, but in case I would, I'd treat myself by knitting a thick scarf and some house socks! I'm absolutely in love with the color!

Have a nice day!!!


Love the colour I would knit a shawl!


Let's see.... A Mara shawl would be lovely in this yarn or the Textured shawl. A sweater woth 3/4 sleeves could be nice too! Anyway, happy blogiversary to you Andi! :)


Oh, that's some lovely yarn. But I'm entering the giveaway because of those cute stitch markers. Does that count?


Oh what a lovely yarn! :) I would knit a vest;)


Great yarn Andi - it's a lovely colour indeed!! I'd probably knit a cardi seeing as I am still in cardifest mood. You don't have to enter my comment into the giveaway - I would comment anyways, giveaway or not cos I loves you and your blog!

oh BTW - I am doing a Secretariat Finger Guns dance just for you right now lol!!!!


Happy anniversary! What amazing yarn! I think I'd go with something large and cozy, maybe this lovely shawl: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/unique-melody


oh, happy blog birthday! i'd totally use the yarn in a blanket (or two!).

Courtney Brown

I love the color that was one of my wedding colours. I think I would use the yarn to make a cardigan it would be such a happy color to wear.


I couldn't see the video! Tried re-loading, but still it didn't come up :( Those are lovely little stitch markers, Andi. Remind me of a summer's day! (A child's sweater, for sure!)


I bet that would make a really good sorta transitional shrug- the weather's been pretty crazy, and I need something to wear in the early morning 50-60 degrees before it gets up to 80! Congrats on the B-day, and thanks for the awesome give-away.


Ahh, you know how much I adore Berroco Vintage! My LYS doesn't have that lovely color so I'm excited at the prospect of winning these beauties in your giveaway ... and those flower stitch makers?? Andi, you're getting me so excited. Okay, okay ... what would I knit with the BV? I have been enjoying knitting my caramel cardigan and would love to knit another -- four skeins is the perfect amount and that color is perfect for spring! Have a great weekend and happy anniversary. I'm a fan (and you know it).


I know exactly what I would make...one of four scaves I have seen lately or a shawl...yes a shawl!! have found a pattern, finally, I can do...and that colour is just perfect...
so I'll be waiting....by the door ...and that horse better not come through!!!
:) :) :) :)


If I was to win the yarn I would probably knit either a nice shawl or a short-sleeve sweater - it would be my first attempt at a sweater! that color is beautiful... congratulations on the blog's anniversary :)


Very beautiful and fancy yarn. That would make a lovely crochet shawl. Congratulations on the anniversary!


Congratulations on 2 years! I'd knit up a cropped cardigan for the spring. Love that color!

Brenda Jones

I knit for preemies in the NICU and teenagers in the cancer ward at a local children's hospital. The yarn would become hats for the most part for these children.


Andi, congratulations on two years! Your blog is one of my favorites, and I'm always excited to see a new post.

The yarn is beautiful, and the project bags, little bags and the stitch markers are so cute. If I were to win the yarn, I would knit a shrug.


I'm not absolutely sure what I would do if I won that yarn - it would depend on whether a certain friend of mine is pregnant by then (in which case this looks perfect for a baby blanket or sweater) or isn't (in which case it would more likely become hats or mittens). Either way, a washable yarn like this would be great for gift knitting. I have a lot of stuff in my stash right now that I have to keep for me because most of the people I'd knit for would shrink it.

Happy blogiversary!


What a beautiful color! I think I'd have to knit a shawlette - the color is so summery and fun!

Congrats on two years!

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