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Oh my goodness that beer looks awesome. Looks like I'll be doing a beer run soon.
And thanks for sharing all those fun links. How do you find them all?


Oh, pretty, pretty socks!

I loved Marilyn.


Both pairs of socks are absolutely gorgeous! But I am totally in love with the Shur'tugal pair - the yarn, the pattern, oooooh :)

I haven't watched Northern Exposure in years! Maybe I ought to catch up too.

Happy yarning to you as well, and thanks for linking me!


I love your socks! I might have to copy you and cast-on for a pair of Shur'tugal too!


I love Northern Exposure. But I became a knitter after seeing it, how great to look back and discover a knitter in it! :)

p.s. Always love your links, many thanks!


andi, your knitting is beautiful! love your socks, you are amazing. i LOVE n.e. i have the series on dvd! i'll be back to see all your links, and i hope you do make the shawl!


Andi, the details in the socks are amazing. Your swap partner will love the Shur'tugal. Have a beer or two on my behalf. BTW, any cookies left? Ok, you don't need to answer. Have a great day friend!


Not only do you have one pair of completed socks, you have two! That is very impressive! Seriously, your swap partner will be in love with the socks, the color is just so unique. Also, your friend obviously has great taste in yarn, the second pair is wonderful!


Wow. I love both pairs of those socks, they are both so pretty in their own ways. The patterns go so well with the yarns - you chose well :)


You've inspired me to finish all my wip's ... the socks look so pretty!


Very pretty socks!

katie bee

ohhhhhh those socks! beautiful! i loved northern exposure~ going to see if i can get the series from the library???? thanks for the links, always something interesting!




Your knitted socks are just so beautiful. I can't imagine being able to knit the lovely socks like you do. They are so amazing! Have a good week! Cathy


mmm...amazing socks!


So, cute!!!


Your two new pairs of socks are so cute! Two FOs in one post! I don't know if that will ever happen to me! Maybe I should have more concurrent projects ;-) I think that Hedgerow would be a pattern I'd enjoy! I like it when it's boring... And they are so pretty! I have my fingers and toes crossed too!


The socks have turned out beautifully! Your swap partner is very lucky. Thanks for the link to WWF! Yummmmmm!!!!


Such lovely socks! Those Hedgerows look perfect in that yarn. I think it was meant to be. Shandy sounds mighty good right about now. Also, I absolutely love Northern Exposure. I need to rent the fourth season. That show makes me happy from the moment the theme music comes on.

Bungalow 312

How about finishing your hat for the E Stash Down A to Z? By the way, I love Summer Shandy. I also love Honey Weiss by Leinenkugel. Yum!


I don't drink beer but I love all the socks you make!! Beautiful indeed!!!!
Oh, thanks for your visit to that tiny newish blog of mine.


Oooh 2 pairs of pretty socks. They are lovely!

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