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the east coast called and we want our weather back!!! and if you got rain along with that hail...we want that too!!!
talk about upside down crazy times... oh well as long as we all have our needles and hooks and BUCKETS O'COOKIES????? tut tut...we'll be alright...right?
love everything you have going...and you!!


Oh my goodness, I wish we were neighbors. Not only would I help eat cookies, I'd love watching those movies and knit. (Not everyone understands keeping the light on while watching a movie in the evening.)


I would kill for some weather, any weather, that resembled winter this year. My poor allergies never got a break. Oh well - your WIPs look like you're "WIP"ping them into shape (ba dum bum). Obviously I need more caffeine... lol.


Both of those pairs of socks look so pretty! I am always adding new sock patterns to my favorites, so looks like I have 2 more!
I love your WIP bowl btw :)

Mr. Puffy

We had a cold weekend here in SoCal too - and rainy - so happy!!! Love all your sock WIPS ~ very pretty yarns. I'm a fan of TJs too and love all the cookies and crackers they have - but primarily I go because of their frozen fish selection and all the wonderful nuts and dried fruits :)


Those socks are so pretty. I'm kind of hoping we get a winter this year. I so love the cold. Last year we had one week of awesome snow, but the rest of it was so mild!


I love your sock yarn grannies, it's making me itch to make some too (I am not so much into the Hexi puff trend right now either, suprising considering that I like hexagons, but all that stuffing just sounds tedious). Good luck with all your projects!

Bungalow 312

Ooh, I like the little sock yarn granny squares. I see that we are both into shawl and sock knitting right now. In fact, the only thing I've wanted to knit the past few days is a sock. It's too hot here to have anything else on my lap. Cool and hailing in Arizona, hot and sunny in Michigan. What is going on with Mother Nature?


What would we do without Trader Joes, seriously? I love that first picture, it is so gorgeous! You always have the prettiest projects going. I'm excited for the socks (swap socks), I know that your swap partner will love them!


we had that 'perfect for knitting' weather too. looks like you have lots of pretty projects going on.

my husband brings home those evil plastic tj cookie tubs.


I like the "in your face" picture, especially since those yarns are so pretty. Sigh. Visiting your blog always makes me want to buy more yarn. And make more socks. You make such lovely socks.


Love the first picture...such pretty coloured yarns :) It's Autumn here, and the nights are starting to get cooler, perfect for yarn type pursuits :)


Great idea to crochet little grannys from sock yarn! I love the hexipuffs but I just don't think I could commit myself to such a project. At the moment, I don't have enough sock yarn scraps to do too much with, but perhaps I will shortly :)

I wish we had a Trader Joe's here! It seems like such a neat store!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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