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Yum, yum, and yum!!!


ooh, so much lace! i always find lace intimidating. and your blackwork is lovely! is it from a pattern?


Wow Andi! Love all your new wips! What yarn are you using for your Monkey Socks? It's so bright and beautiful!
Thank you for linking to my shawl! Yours is going to be gorgeous in this soft color! Be sure to use lifelines though!The pattern is pretty well written, but the lace part was difficult! ;)


Such pretty greys, and those socks are such a shocker, I love the color!


Those are the prettiest Monkey Socks ever. I just love the color. I've been thinking about pulling out my needlework again and your blackwork is really making me want to do it today.


Andy...I do the same thing with frogging..Sometimes I get sick of looking at it and know it will never get done or I just dont feel it for the project. That soup looks delish! with some homemade crusty bread! I used to watch Felicity and then she cut that gorgeous hair!


I too love all things Flood. His designs get me every time. Love the bright monkeys, but probably wear more gray! I laughed about chilly AZ days - HA! I know the truth even living for a bit in DC. AZ is hot.


All these projects look wonderful ... no frogging this time!


wow! You've been busy! I need to get cracking to stay up with you! Love the colors of all those socks!


Ooh, pretty grays. My favorite is the color of the Monkeys, though! I'm tempted to cast on another pair...

I watch Game of Thrones, too. It's a shame that the second season just ended.


I keep meaning to check out Felicity ... I've put it back on my "summer to watch" list. Love all the yarns that you're working with! You always inspire me, Andi.


The yarn you're using are all so yarnilicious! Your Autumn Stole will be so lovely in that grey. I love the subtle varigation in that shawl. F-U-N Monkey socks and a lucky swap pard'na!
I love how you cross st. I used to dabble long ago.


If you think the Game of Thrones series is good, you HAVE to read the books (but only the first two). You always pick out the prettiest colors of yarn, seriously, what I would give for your eye for color! You are starting cross-stitching?! What your working on right now looks fantastic!

Mr. Puffy

Lots of inspiration going on here!!! Your soup looks fabulous ~ at first I thought it was a Chinese style soup with rice and bok choy but I see it's potato and escarole (which I love separately but have never tried together!). Thanks for the recommendation for Game of Thrones ~ I've been thinking about reading the books.


I love Game of Thrones! I'm just sad that the season is over :(


So much action at la casa de Andi ;-) The stole and shawl in grey are beautiful so far! And those Monkeys sure will fit the bill! Have a great end of the week as well! And good knitting this weekend! ;-)


Frogging is the best thing when a project isn't working. It's very therapeutic in my opinion! I'm on the verge of frogging something that's 80% done. I knitted lace, but now I'm thinking cables might be nicer! The new projects you have chosen are gorgeous!! I have a similar eye-searing bright sock yarn in my stash as well - you've inspired me to think I should have some fun with it!


Guess what? I nominated you for a sunshine award on my blog! :D


ooh Andi, that yarn you're using for the dewdrops shawl is lovely... I do so love the combinations of colours in it. Quite a hit of colour in the socks straight after!
Jane x


Ooh...so many projects...can't wait to see them all done :). I haven't watched the game of thrones show because I am slowly reading the books and I love them. My mother-in-law lives down in Surprise AZ in the winter and then moves to cooler weather for the summers....how do you do it? :)


You have been busy. The grey looks very pretty, and you know I'm loving the bright socks :)
Game of Thrones - I am hooked. Caught up on season 2 finale when we came back. Now back to reading the books because April is too long of a wait!


Startitis attacks! :) Really love that lacey STR. And those bright socks.


Hey friend...I'm catching up after several crazy weeks. I love what I see here! Three pair of socks, a shawl and a scarf? And you had time to watch TV and cook? You have my votes for not only the best yarn picker but also for time management! Go girl!

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