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Every time I see another of your finished sock projects I always want to squoosh them, probably because you always use the prettiest yarn! I definitely want to try Socks that Rock someday, perhaps once I finish off some of my exploding stash.


Love the socks! Is that a purl row right before the ribbing? It's such a nice touch.

Great salad - perfect for summertime snacking.

And of course, thanks for the blog love :)


and ps - meant to ask for a pic of the striping. i love those colors!


wow what an eyeful those second ones will be...POW!! :) and another wonderful trip around blog land to all your lovely friends...
we are safe and sound...now...I'm sure you saw what happened on Friday...the big wind...hope that doesn't come back....EVER!!!
enjoy your movie...haven't seen it yet...let me know how you like it..or not!
hugs sweetie pie face!!


I loved all your shout outs (as usual)! I read the book but haven't seen the film - good Sunday night pick.


Wonderful socks

This post is an explosion of color

Love it ! ! !


Lime is my favorite Otter Pop flavor too! It was always disappointing when only purple or red were left.
And your Sir Isaac Limes are awesome.


hi andi!

oh these links! the shawl is beautiful & i love the the beading~
loved every single stitch of robins work...what a talent!
such a cute cuff on the simple skyp socks & a great color~
as always, i'm in awwwwww of your fo's!!!!
i hope you have a great week my friend~ we just returned from sullivans island so i'll be playing catch up this week...but oh so worth it!




Love, love, love your love posts! Thanks for the shoutout...I love the hat. And as always I am jealous of your prolific sock knitting!! Have a great week! :)


Those socks look so cozy!!


aw, sweet socks! i love the texture.


Love those socks. Perfectly named as well. So much eye candy. Still trying to resist the self-striping eye candy you deal. Have a great week.


This salad contains all the ingredients to be a hit for me too! I'll try it! I have a crave for feta cheese these days! Your new socks are super cute! I look forward to see how the stripey yarn will knit up! Have a great week!


Those socks are lovely. I can't wait to see what that other yarn knits up as.


Never tried STR. Will have to give it a go. Your socks came out nice and I love the look of your salad - I love feta too (well all cheese really) so I'm going to trg that salad for myself. Have a good week!


Your work is lovely- swoon..those socks are delish.

Mr. Puffy

Otter Pops!!! Love those and I probably eat my weight each summer :)) Oooh, I'm an enabler ~ it feels a little wicked LOL Can't wait to see your stripy socks, which incidently matches your summer salad. Happy 4th ~

Annie @ knitsofacto

It's when I see socks like these that I understand the appeal of knitting them. The one thing I never knit is socks. Suppose I should remedy that! Yours are gorgeous. And the salad looks pretty yum too :D


I love the socks! What a gorgeous color and beautiful pattern! I have to try Socks That Rock -- it's on my List :)

Otter pops are the best :) I like lime too.


Very cute socks! I love green and yellow together, and will have to try Socks That Rock soon. I'm looking forward to seeing the next pair of stripey socks!


Pretty socks indeed. And I'm with you - love STR. Thanks ever so much for the link and kind words. After years on the needles, I finally finished the scarf this week. Now to tuck it away safe for the winter months!


Truly awesome socks there. You pick great colorways each time. Self-striping yarn is so fun, yeah? It will be fun to see how that one stripes up. Can't wait!

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