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That's a pretty shawl! It looks great against the blue backdrop!


I know I said it in an earlier post, but the combo of the yarn and this pattern is perfect! The lace is simple enough to work with the variation and the stockinette portion shows off the colors of the yarn. A lot of love for this FO.

Now, speaking of love. OMG the stripes are incredible! They're everything I hoped for and more.


Shawl is just Gorgeous Andi! I just signed up for a lace Knitting class on craftys! Wish me luck! Its hot here also..our pool is too warm to get in! Im gunna add a bag of ice...No joke. Have a great weekend!


Andi, your Shaelyn is just stunning!
What a beautiful shawl!

Bungalow 312

Love your shawl, and the stripey socks are fun! I'm on a yarn diet, but I checked out Ladybug and I really like Salvia and Crepe Myrtle!


Oh, Andi, your Shaelyn is gorgeous! I have that pattern in my library, so maybe I should knit it one of these days...


Beautiful,beautiful shawl Andi- must check out that pattern. What a fun striping yarn,looks like a popcicle....100 degrees- whew...


I love those striped socks. If only I could sneeze socks off of my needles as fast as you.

I don't know if you've seen Rosemary & Thyme, but it's a pretty neat crime drama with gardening overtones.


I really love that shawl. The pattern and the colors go so well together, it's like they were made for each other!

And the yarn and socks are amazing too, I am for sure adding her shop to my favorites!


This shawl has been on my queue for such a long time. I love seeing yours in such a creamy yellow. Oh, and thanks for the Netflix recommendation -- I'm always on the look-out for good crime shows! Stay cool, dear friend.


Well done! The finished shawl is so pretty. I used to envision it in a much darker color scheme, but the light colors are so much better.

Your socks are looking great!

Mr. Puffy

Your needles are on fire!!! Gorgeous Shaelyn shawl ~

Give over and spill on what pattern you are using for your stripy socks ~ they are coming out purrrfectly :)

Hope you are having a fab weekend ~


Shaelyn is absolutely beautiful! I love its sunniness.
The striping yarn is so fun!
It was sunny this morn and then by afternoon the fog rolled in!


Beautiful shawl-I knit that pattern last year and really liked the finished project.


So much color in this post! I think that I love the yellow ever more now, it looks great with that pattern in particular. I would think such a colorway would make you instantly more cheerful every time you see it! I LOVE the stripy socks too, they are somehow even more cheerful!


Pretty shawl. Perfect for summer. Wowza, I'm loving that sock yarn.


Andi, the shawl looks amazing! I would wear it every day - is shouts summer to me! Your knitting is very inspiring; you make me want to buy something yellow! Have a great week, my friend!


Your shawl turned out lovely! Thanks for the link to that etsy shop- I'm definitely adding that store to my favorites so I can buy some yarn later on!


Your shawl is just stunning - a lovely, cheerful, summery color!!


So beautiful, Andi! I can't believe it's reaching over 100 in your area, eek. Those stripey socks are great too! Nice and fun :)

I am still on the Marple series, but I may have to check out your new show too :)


Love the color on that shawl. The pale color shifts don't distract from the pattern at all. Lovely.


I've just been reading through all the posts I missed while other things were happening. There's some serious swoon going on over here! I love all the different colours you use. Loving your shawl... and the socks match my current rainbow craving.

I never cease to be amazed at the quantity ( and quality) of projects you turn out!!


The colors in that shawl look so happy together! It must have been fun to knit! It looks beautiful on that little blue fence! The socks sure look happy too!


I love your shawl and your photos. It's beautiful. I'm working on my own Shayln at the moment.

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