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glad you're feeling better. hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


I hope you are on the mend soon! Your socks are wonderful.


Glad you are better! Your socks are lovely - the colours really set them off a treat! Really fab!


Hope you can get 100% better soon! The socks are pretty! Gorgeous colors. Thanks for sharing about the blankets. I'm in.


I'm sorry to hear you've been unwell. Get well soon! Your new stripy socks looked like just the thing to do, and I love the little lace swatches. Oddly, they're just like the stitch pattern for two projects I have swimming in my head right now..!


andi not allowed to have the crud... :[
I'm sorry you've been sick...if you'd let us know, we'd have come over and annoyed you back to health...
eat lots of chicken soup and crusty bread
and cookies and pie...
oh and left over turkey sandwiches with stuffing and the cranberry sauce inside...with mayo....
be better soon sweetie pie...
big hugs
xxxxx( but only if you aren't contagious) ( if you are, then air kisses and waves) :)


Ohhhhhh i do like those socks! you knit circles around me...*lol* even sick, you knit circles around me! i did finish graysons hat but my pics didn't turn out very well~ working on a slouch hat for another grankidlet...love it when they ask me to make them something..*S*
Hope you were able to enjoy turkey day~

feel better soon andi~




I'm so sorry to hear about the ickyness, I really hope that you recover very soon. I'm glad to hear that you have been taking it easy while knitting away. I agree with other reviewers that the colors you picked out for those socks are so great together. Also, that charity project sounds like it could be very fun! How nice you are to take part. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Love the socks!!


You can't feel too bad since you've managed to get perfectly matched stripes on your socks. Nothing is happier for a knitter than perfectly matched stripes. I do hope you feel better soon.


Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hope that's on the way out.
The socks are fantastic. Love those colours together.
And the squares are wonderful. Big hugs to you. I'm thankful for your friendship and support. Xxx


I always love stripes too! Your socks match so well! I'm glad you are feeling better too. You will be stronger now for the remaining of the year ;-)

Annie @ knitsofacto

I have to agree, there is something particularly satisfying about a stripy sock :D

Hope you're feeling completely better now x


More stripes! EEEE! I love those! And nice lace too :)


ugh.. being sick really sucks :( I hope you feel better soon! being sick is only good for one thing (well.. two things) cocooning and knitting! I'm loving the socks :)


Beautiful Andi! We all want to see the final project. Hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful day. We had such cold temperatures but no snow. Have a great weekend!


i love super simple striped socks! love.

and those squares are intriguing. great sweet colors.

Mr. Puffy

Sounds like you should be eating some of your fabulous soup ~ that will make you better!!! Love your stripy socks ~ I think my stripy socks are my favorite socks ever. Feel better soon xoxox


Such cozy striped socks! I love the lace squares, too! I'm glad you're feeling better.


Those are wonderful squares for Sam's projects! Your socks are cool!


hope your feeling better dear. smart girl self medicating with a little (beautiful) knitting. :)


Seems like there's a virus going around the blogosphere.. glad you're feeling better! My sock envy is showing, I love those socks!


Perhaps you have been battling the crud, because you have not been resting! Be well, Andi!


Soory to learn you have been sick.
Your socks are lovely! Nothing is better than a good old stockinette socks!

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