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Love it! That is all that I can say - Looooooooooovvvvve iiiiiiiitttt! I remember you starting this and really pleased you finished it. The colours are terrific!


Pretty pretty! And go you for finishing things!!


oooh, that royal purple is gorgeous. congrats on a great new blanket!!!


if you actually counted up how long you took to make it...bet it wasn't ALL THAT LONG...it sat more than it got worked on....so WELL DONE YOU for finishing it...it's Beeee-you--tee-full....enjoy and cuddle well my friend!!

Annie @ knitsofacto

It's gorgeous ... well worth the time it took. As a non-crocheter I can only look on in awe so blow that trumpet as loud as you like :D


Loving those colors, it really is gorgeous! And I know the feeling of a nice shower after a weekend of camping, so you must be very proud of that blanket :)


Andi I love it!!!~ your work with color always amazes me! I can crochet a teeny little bit & have thought I might pick up a hook sometime and give it a go~ I recieved your emails~ you're too sweet. If you lived near by, we would have the best times! I'm glad you liked your goodies~ let me know how the stitch markers work for you and if you would change anything~ in the meantime...keep blowin' that horn girl!!!! yeah for FO's!




You must be feeling fantastic right now, that feeling when you have finished something substantial is by far one of the best things in life. That blanket is so beautiful, I cannot imagine better colors. Go you!


Beautiful!!! I love the colours. It is a wonderful feeling when a project is finally finished :)


OMG!!!! I just saved that in queue on Rav!!!!

Awesome job!!!


yay! love love your blanket, well done! i love the finishing projects camping shower feeling! enjoy it's lovely coziness. someday i will hopefully make one too, all inspired by you!


I love how you describe finishing a UFO. It really is like taking a shower after being at camp. The only problem is finishing up UFOs is all of a sudden it feels like you can start a million new projects and finish them in a week.


Looks awesome ! Big ups for finishing it !
Think the idea alone of weaving in all those ends refrains me from ever starting another crochet blanket myself... So the more I admire your work :-)


Gorgeous. Toot away, Andi!! I have a granny square sampler just hanging out here. I think you gave me the gentle nudge I need to pull it out and start sewing it together.


Awesome blanket! I've always wanted to make a colorful granny-square style blanket like that. Makes me want to sharpen up my crochet skills.


happy blanket is happy! :) I'm working (on and off) on a crochet blanket as well and I already dread the weaving in part.. :P


Yay it's done! What a great feeling to get such a big UFO off your back.

Now don't do it too often. I love the UFO company ;)


This Granny Hexagon blanket is fantastic, Andi! I totally LOL'd at the mention of an empty, IB bottle.


Congratulations! Doesn't that feel so good to complete a meaty project :) Looks fabulous!


Yay! Doesn't it just feel awesome to finish a UFO? It even makes us, who follow your blog, good!!! Beautiful blanket Andi! Enjoy!


You are so owesome to include the information about what type of yarn used and how many yards too. I stand and applaud!! It is beautiful like all the things you make Andi!


it is gorgeous and well worth the effort Andi! I totally agree with you re the drama of finishing something that has lain around :O)


Beautiful afghan. Excellent colors. It's great to finsh it before the winter season. I have a sweater hanging around for the last five years. The sleeves need to be completed. I'm concerned that it's too small to fit me now. The size and the i-cord neckline placement added to my procrastination. At least the afghan is one size fits all.


Congrats on finishing a UFO! Those things can be hard to get started on again. Your blanket looks so pretty and cozy. Enjoy curling up in warmth and style!

Mr. Puffy

You should feel amazingly good about yourself!!! Your blanket is gorgeous and you finished just in time to enjoy all this Winter. In my way of thinking your timing was perfect. Love the camping analogy ~ I was raised in a 'camping' family and you reminded me how much I miss that :) Love the cute video ~ I'm a huge country music fan and love surfing them on Ytube.

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