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Kathryn Vercillo

Katie's stitch markers are beautiful!

I have a love for the many shades of grey and am always kind of glad when winter rolls around and people start working with the color more.


Honey Badger is another great choice - I love all the sock patterns I learn about through you. And of course, the indie dyers too.

I'm intrigued by the grey gift but I'll have to be patient.


I believe I just found three more blogs to add to my read list!
I LOVE your hibiscus/Honey Badger socks. Is there a website for that Twist & Twine yarn? I've had no luck Googling.
And my gosh those st markers are fantastic, from the butterflies to the leafy ones.


A lovely post, from start to finish! The project bag and markers from Katie are especially fun. Dots and daisies and beads and pink ~ I ask you, what more could one ask for?!


I think that gray yarns don't get enough love, they have a certain feel to them that I love (it could just be me). At first I was shocked at the lack of stripey socks, I had forgotten about those gorgeous socks. Although those pink socks are so pretty too! Those stitch markers are beautiful, you have such talented friends!

Mr. Puffy

There's so much to love in this post!!! You do know that now I seriously have project bag envy issues LOL and I totally disagree with you and think your daily doings would be mighty interesting to know.....

I'm touch and honored to be included in your list of loves. Thank you and right back at you!!! Now that I've added a few projects to my favs I can see a trip to a bead shop and LYS is in order ~


ai andi, i just love your posts. your knitting is SO pretty and what lucky gifts to find in the mail, or maybe not so lucky? considering what a great friend you are! enjoy all your treasures. off to follow every link now!


Those stitch markers are so lovely! Are the pink socks for you? They look really fun :)


Sending kisses back! ;)


The Hibiscus colored yarn is to die for, no wonder you are enjoying those socks! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE those stitch markers, they are so super cute. I have a obsession with cute markers :)


Thank you for adapting your pace to mine! I'm so late in my blog reading! Nice surprises! The knitted surprise for your friend looks lovely so far in that color!


The stitchmarkers are beautiful! I've been looking for some pretty sock patterns, and Honey Badger makes me want to cast on right now! :)


Thank you so much for mentioning me, I feel honored. You are indeed so kind, thank you for the gentleness of your words. I am a fan of your blog. You do such beautiful hand work! Sorry, I just deleted most of my photos on flickr a couple of weeks ago. Thank you again!


Ooh those are some lovelies to grace your mailbox. Isn't that just the best when there is something fun from the postie. Love the links :) And that hibiscus... "naaahs" ;o)


I am a sucker for a good project bag. Looks like you have a winner seeing how it already has a project in it!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Missed this somehow. And gosh, me 'n my blog are listed as a 'love', thank you Andi, and the feeling is mutual you know, I am always happy hanging out here.

Grey yarns are of course the best!

Those stitch markers are *gorgeous*, lucky you :D


As always such great projects. The pkg from SD made me smile as we just visited those places on our trip home.

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