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Beautiful knits as always! Such sad, sad news to hear of Karrie's passing. I had a few cyber conversations with her as she came across as such a warm hearted, friendly, caring person. So very sad - the best ones are always taken from us :(


wow, gorgeous shawl! we don't knit with grey enough these days.


so sad...so unfair when someone too young is taken...

your wips and fo's are lovely as always and the trips round the web interesting....love seeing what others do.
and it's good to hear you are all better...take care of yourself...you are precious my lovely. :) :)


What a beautiful shawl! It really looks cozy. And I love how your new socks and new shawl in pink look! Enjoy the remaining of the weekend and the start of the Holiday Seasons!


Beautiful shawl! (Socks are lookin' good ~ love the pink!)


hi andi~
lucky, lucky is your friend to receive such a beautiful & thoughtful(not to mention cozy)gift! as soon as i finish hats for the grandkidlets, the lala is my next project! i'll be getting with ya for yarn suggestions~

love the pink socks!

wishing you a great week!




Gosh your projects look good. The picot edge really compliments that shawl well.

(And thanks for the shout out!)


I don't think that I ever had any contact with Karrie, but we Ravelers are such a close community that the loss is definitely felt.

On a more positive note, I really, really want to know more about the yarn you used to knit that gorgeous shawl. It almost looks like it has some mohair in it (then I looked and found that I was mistaken). I am honored by the kind mention and I'm very glad to hear that you are feeling better!

Mr. Puffy

What a gorgeous shawl and generous gift!!! I will be interested in hearing about that yarn ~ I have a penchant for the rustic ones and that is a brand that although I've heard of it's not one I've tried. Another lovely selection of inspiration ~


I love that shawl, it looks so squishy and soft. And I am so glad you are feeling better :)


I'm in love with the edging on that shawl. Usually when it comes to lace I think the more complicated and full of holes, the better, but the simplicity of that shawl is just stunning. I'm also a big fan of those socks.


I always love seeing what you're working on. The softness of the gray is heavenly and those socks? <3


The shawl is gorgeous Andi! Loving those pink socks too... but that probably comes as no surprise. :)


The picot edge with the gray color really adds something to an already lovely pattern. Awesome job!


I like the music you listen to. That funny one about the guy telling crazy ways how his girlfriend was gone is played on the radio here all the time. I laugh every time and think of you.
I used to listen to hip hop and R&B. I still love my old faves but today's music is nothin' like it was before. Now I'm into alternative and top 40.
The grey shawl is beautiful! How're you so patient? Ravelry is not loading up well here so I can't check out your new one. I love how you always have a sock on the needles. I've been resisting but maybe I should give in.


Oh and thank you so much for mentioning my mitts! I wear them daily when I go outside and they're the right amount of warmth. Plus, I've been gettin' lots of compliments on them too. They're great for someone as that honeycomb st is stretchy and creates a double fabric.


I really love your grey shawl!


Beautiful knits! I particularly love the grey shawl, the picot edge makes it so gorgeous and delicate.
Hope you have a lovely Christmas time with your family Andi!

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