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I love that they sell yarn and honey. something very fitting about that.

have you tried the stuff from Brooklyn Tweed? you might enjoy that as well.


I hear you--I'm late to the Christmas party this year. Listening to lots of Christmas music and reading Christmas stories around these parts . . . Maybe it will inspire me eventually :)


You should watch Charlie Brown Christmas. It's something that always gets me into the Christmas Spirit :)


I was thinking the same as Melissa. Shelter and Loft from Brooklyn Tweed is rustic and lovely. But I may have to try out Beaverslide sometime. After I've knitted down my stash a bit more.


Too funny. I just made myself a wreath. I love it.


I have been making lots of cookies and ready to give them to two of our churches. They will give plates of cookies to some especial people in the community. I have done some crochet to cover the bottles of wine we are giving some friends who drink wine. The shawls are both so pretty Andi.


I admire all of you who do Christmas knitting! I only have a knitting for a baby shower on January 9th and this is enough ;-) Have a wonderful Holiday Seasons Andi!


I personally don't really like christmas as much as I have gotten older, I think it is because of all the ads. Also my family just enjoys the break from work/school and a huge dinner as a way of celebrating. But I do love christmas cookies! The yarn looks very pretty, I can see what you mean by the rustic touch. Is it a little rough? Is it suitable for something like a scarf where it will be touching the neck?


I hope you finish all your Christmas knitting in time! I am afraid I might not...

Thank you so much for linking Beaverslide Dry Goods! I haven't heard of them but their yarn is gorgeous! That's fabulous they are in Montana too :)

Hope you have a great week, Andi!


That yarn looks beautiful !
Personally I'm not much of a christmas celebrating type.. and not listening to the radio this time of year doesn't help to get in the mood either.. But thanks to your post I realized I might want to get going if I were to get anything done.. chrocheted a few quick little stars to go along with christmas cards to some special people here.. thanx !


I've been listening to Christmas music, but I just got into the spirit this week. But my mom's gift will very likely still be on the needles when she gets it anyways. I'm a slow knitter when the pattern is so repetitive.


Beautiful yarn, the colours are delicious,(not that I make a habit of eating yarn, you understand).........such gorgeous knitting too, you have a lovely blog........I may have to make another cuppa and stay awhile.


You should try living in the Southern Hemisphere where it's summer! Very un-Christmassy indeed!

Love your new yarn. I'm a sucker for the most rustic (I call it closer to nature) yarns too.

Annie @ knitsofacto

Late to the Christmas party here too, and now thinking my artificial holly wreath really doesn't cut the mustard!

You're not the first person I've heard singling Beaverslide's praises ... I have them on my yarns to buy list :)


Yay for the all those squares - ooh you are a gem! I am excited that this aran blanket will be the first to be completed. Thank you so much. The yarn.. mmmmm yummy! And what a great video. We have a wreath that my step daugther made for us eons ago. I love it. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas my kind friend. xxx Sam


Your squares are so nice and neat! I really like that pink, rustic yarn as it has such a nice heather blend in its colorway.

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