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looks like 2012 was pretty great yarn-wise! happy new year!


Your gallery of socks make me smile ... as do all your blog posts! I'm keeping things simple for 2013, too, and my resolutions looks very similar to yours. Nice to be in good company.


It's always so fun to see a year's worth of knitting in mosaic!

I agree. We're here for relationships. Time is fleeting. And those brought into our lives are precious, indeed.


Everyone has been so optimistic with their resolutions this year. Mine is to just keep with all the amazing strides I made in my health, weight, social life and attitude.
And I LOVE the striped socks, as always. I am putting "make a pair of striped socks" on my resolution list for this year :)


Beautiful work...I've seen these projects before but is quite impressive to see them together in this post. I love your goals - simple and doable. Happy 2013!


I LOVE all the stripey socks. I hadn't realized you knit 15 pairs. Wow! And of course all the shawls too. Your love of the stripes made me put some indie striped sock yarn on my Christmas list.

Have an awesome 2013!

And ps - I won't point out the conflict between working more from the stash and buying more indie sock yarn :)


Hey, what yarn and pattern did you use for the last sock on the third row? I love it and what to make my own! Thanks!


I knew you had knit quite a few socks. But 15 pairs? Wow!

I am always inspired by your knitting. Without you, I wouldn't have discovered the Skyp pattern. I can't wait to see what you knit in the new year.


I remember most of them too! You're a sock and shawl maestro! Best wishes that 2013 turns out to be everything you want it to be.


You are a knitting machine!!! Your gallery of finished projects made me smile!!! I can't pick at all!

Best to you Andi for 2013! Again, thanks for your support and cheers to new friendship!!!!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Goodness, that's a lot of knitting stitches! May your 2013 be as awesome, and not just on the knitting front :D


Love your socks, really must get back to doing mine again.
Think mojo has up and done lol.
Happy new year to you and your family and all that read here too. ☺


Look at all those socks! your sock knitting is ON FIRE!!!! I hope I have that many finished pairs of socks at the end of the year! I've certainly collected enough sock yarn >.<


Happy New Year! You sure had a prolific 2012...I'm green with sock envy ;)


Happy new year Andi!
Love your socks and shawls! Very impressive number of finished projects!
Love your new resolutions! Still thinking about mine.... :)


Gosh, I love seeing your work displayed like this! Very impressive, Andi :)

I am similar knitting resolutions :) and I hope I knit a sweater in 2013! eek!


You made that many socks this year?! Wow, wow, wow. So many colors too! You definitely have a talent for knitting beautiful shawls too. Happy new years, Andi!


very good resolutions, i'll be following you on your indie dyer search. your pink socks make me so happy and all your shawls, yellow is on my list for this year. wishing you all the best in the new year andi. xxx


All your FOs are so pretty, but I especially love the socks. They're individually gorgeous, but the mosaic really adds dimension and cohesiveness to the year. Happy New Year! :)


Oh my heavens you have been prolific in the past year. I have a feeling it will be just as busy in this new year. Your work is lovely!!!!! I warmed my heart to see the photo of my shwal in those photos. I love it !! I never really make new years resolution really. What are UFO's??? Unidentified flying objects??? :) If you have too many send some here for life can be a bit boring around these hills.
Wishing you a marvelous new year in 2013!!


Happy New Year Andi! I always enjoy coming to your blog and seeing what you are up to. Wishing you the best, healthiest and happiest for 2013.


This is such a simple, sweet post. I so loved your sock collage! Man, and all those shawls? Getting that many out is certainly a big accomplishment.


Happy New Year Andi! It was a great year to follow and exchange with you! My resolution of the year is to continue to be happy ;-) xxx


Happy New Year! Wowza, that's quite the impressive list of beautiful projects. Congratulations.
New Year's resolutions: my output has to exceed my consumption of yarn (it was the other way round this year and I am running out of storage space! ;o)


I think I get a dopamine rush when I see that many pairs of hand knitted socks together. Yum!

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