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Very wise tea indeed -- no wonder you're so smart!!! :D

Seriously though, sorry to hear that your week was trying, but at least the events provided you an opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. Those interactions are difficult at the time they're happening but they certainly do provide us some invaluable learning. I'm happy that you took your own advice and reconnected with some of the things you do need to make time for. Most importantly -- YOU!

As for that video, I saw it last year and it's a running joke between me and a former co-worker who's also a beginning knitter. LOLOL!!!

Have a wonderful week!


hi love! with the littles, we always make time for ice cream, cookies, fruit snacks.....might explain the tightness of my clothes...lol
i always feel relaxed, calm & happy when i'm in a greenhouse or conservatory~ i especially like to go in the winter!
my shawl is nearing completion, hope to have pictures soon~
have a great week andi and thanks for the video!




oh...i forgot....i love the new look



Glad you followed your own advice and made time for craft! It relaxing to crochet or knit. I too look at the messages in chocolate wrappings, tea or whatever. Glad you got good one there Andi. Cute video! Wishing you a great week ahead.


I love your blog renno- looks beautiful. Yes, Ice-cream is simply part of my diet, makes me happy.Lovely knits- can't wait to see.


I agree, your tea is quite wise.

I wish I had a magic solution to share with you on how to refresh your mind. But I am in the same boat as you! Although I think having 1 day off from deadlines at least once a week can help.



I need to buy another box of tea that gives me messages, I enjoy them immensely! Drinking a cup of green tea as I type without a message...but I think it's telling me to knit more ;)


I love the new look of your blog. How fun to get little messages from your tea bag. The saturated blue is gorgeous.


Gosh love your tea Andi!! and always your knitting.
Hope you are feeling more refreshed.

wendy in oz


Your tea is very wise.

There are days when you simply must do nothing but play with yarn, drink tea and eat ice cream...those kind of days are good for the soul. I had that exact kind of day yesterday (replace the ice cream with a mud muffin) :)

Love the new look of your blog too!

Mr. Puffy

Hum. Maybe there's something to reading tea leaves.... Your coffee indulgence is a good choice! Happy Knitting and have a great week Andi ~


Ice cream is a great idea. I love Ben & Jerry's too. Such a pity we don't have it here in NZ.

Sorry to hear you've been through a tiring time. I hope things are heading back to normal now. Let your body reset and enjoy the rest. I have to say having just finished a super large project, I'm so very grateful for my "normal" schedule now that it's back!


Knitting, tea and ice cream: what is more perfect than that?
What is this beautiful blue yarn you are knitting?
Have a great week Andi!


I hope you had a lovely Sunday too! Some times we need to take some cocooning time to recharge our batteries :) (I also really like the new look :))


I have seen that video before (via rav I think) and I got so totally creeped out haha. It is very clever though.
Like you when I am stressed I need to knit. I feel tension eased and stress floating away when I have some work going in my hands, and the more "mindless" the better. And a nice cup of coffee too.. Tea is nice and soothing, but coffee is just... everything ;)


Thanks for the cute advice. I got some great advice from my fortune cookie yesterday...now if only I could remember it! Always make time for knitting, that blue is lovely.


I like the new look of your blog! Very soothing!

To recharge my batteries? Do nothing, sleep, knit, garden, see friends! Many things actually!

Have a great week!


I wish my tea told me such smart things :P I also reach for knitting and Ben and Jerry's when I get stressed out, though I tend to go for coffee heath bar crunch!


Uh ... excuse me but why have I not see that awesome ice cream flavor in my supermarket!? I must have some. Happy crafting.

Taciana Simmons

Love the tea and what a fun video. And what are you making with this beautiful, gorgeous blue yarn !!?

Annie @ knitsofacto

Ooh coffee icecream, my favourite. And talking tea ... I think it's about time my beverages gave me a good talking to, I know I'm overdoing it lately but can't seem to make time to stop.

That yarn looks delish ... what is it Andi?


Especially coffee ice cream! It's my favorite.

Donna Sand

Yup yo must make time for yourself, crafts and ice cream ..Buddha said that somewhere I swear ;-)!

Be well!!

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