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Lovely discoveries. I'm sure the recipient of that shawl will be very happy as I'm sure the more you discovered that it wouldn't be worn by you, is the more care and love you put into each of those stitches.

Sometimes our best discoveries come as a result of the simplest things in life. That bowl of fruit will nourish your body and soul. Just beautiful!

harmony and rosie

I know the recipient of your shawl will be so happy and fortunate, knowing that you created each stitch with her in mind. I have had a complete disaster with my latest shawl, I'm afraid. With only seven rows left till completion I messed up an increase row because I wasn't concentrating and then made things worse as I attempted to make them better. Unfortunately patience isn't something I'm blessed with and I ended up unravelling the lot. I'm not best pleased with myself, however I should look to the positive and believe it simply wasn't meant to be!!
Happy weekend and enjoy your knitting x


The shawl is lovely. I'm sure the recipient will be pleased. It was hot here last week and it was only 50 yesterday and 60s today. If then high for summer was 72 I'd be thrilled. It's suppose to be 90 next Saturday and I want to cry. How do you handle it in the desert? I will plant grape tomatoes tomorrow and think how tasty my salads will be in July. Enjoy the long weekend!


I meant to say how interesting I found the film. I loved her calm and thoughtful words and her work is beautiful. Thank you for the link!


oh you sweet girl! how fun for someone to receive such a beautiful gift~ i felt wrapped in love when i received the shawl you gifted me~
happy weekending andi~




That shawl is lovely, no matter who it is destined for I know it will be loved :)


you know you only tell half the story. the other half is that i've been complaining to you that it's too cold in the northeast! we support each other in our climate woes :)

your friend is super lucky to have you knitting that shawl - out of that yarn - for her.

and btw - AWESOME fruit bowl. this pic has me planning to pick up some fruit of my own tomorrow. yum!


It's funny how projects can choose who they belong with. It's nice to hear that you were listening to it.


you, me, and the heat!!!! At least you have something positive to show for yours. I'm afraid all we seem to get are more mosquitoes!!!!

Yes, also relate about the knitting....most of what I think I'll absolutely swoon over seems to end up perfect on someone else. But then, I'm all about the process and not necessarily the product. So life is good!!!


I wish I had a day of knitting today. I think the rest of the world needs to get the memo that long weekends are for knitting, not BBQs :) Or maybe I could just pick something easier to work on so I can take it along with me. Best of luck with your shawl and I hope it gets worn by someone!


Sometimes the yarn chooses and we are but its instrument. I can see why it wanted to be made...the yarn is truly beautiful.


Ah, surely someone will be very happy with that knitted love :)
Heat...hm.... feel free to send it this way ! Thusfar spring here has been somewhat dissappointing, today is about the second sunny day...


Lovely knitting! I hate when it's hot outside, I love cold weather, the colder the better.

Annie @ knitsofacto

Sometimes, I find, whatever the craft, you don't know what a thing is until it's done.

And on that note, thank you so much for sharing that video Andi :D


But it's a dry heat, right? :-) (I feel qualified to tease you about it since I live in the super-humid & hot Houston area)

The shawl is gorgeous - whoever wears it will be lucky!

Love the video you shared too. When I was having a particularly bad day a couple of months ago, I watched most of the Goldmark Art videos on YouTube. This one was one of my favorites. So meditative and peaceful.


Your shawl "intentions" were well described. I know that feeling. I'm glad you are following your instincts and finding the positive in things. It is really such a great thing to give yourself.


Your shawl "intentions" were well described. I know that feeling. I'm glad you are following your instincts and finding the positive in things. It is really such a great thing to give yourself.


Your words made me smile, somehow I kind of needed to read something like this post today =) Lovely discoveries!


Mmmm fresh summer fruit! That looks so delicious. We're heading into winter and the lack of delicious summer fruit is one thing I do miss about the hot season. Ah well :)
I'm sure whoever gets your beaaaautiful shawl is going to be so delighted!


I'm glad that the knitting let you know who it was destined for...funny how that happens! It's beautiful and the recipient will be one lucky person!

I'm longing for hotter, dryer weather...I'm always freezing! Would be nice to swap places for a while!

Donna Sand

I feel you with the heat ...dry drinking coconut water and eating cucumbers and adding cilantro to foods ...it helps to cool the body.. I live on these things!!
Stay cool!


How fun that your project is planting seeds for it's ultimate owner :)
That bowl of fruit... my oh my I had to send hubby out to the store so I could satisfy my taste buds.
Love the video. Such a peaceful soul with a melodic voice.


What a beautiful gift to receive from you. Delicious and pretty fruit salad to munch on in hot weather.
A great new look for your blog, Andi!


Isn't it strange how sometimes projects have a mind of their own? I've had a couple that I started for me, and that wanted to be for someone else. It's just as well that there is just as much pleasure, if not more in giving your knits away. It's like giving a bit of yourself to all your loved ones :)

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