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Some great links- thank you for sharing. Your shawl in progress looks lovely- beautiful color.
Wishing you a happy mothers day!


Oh, that is a delicious-looking shawl. No wonder it's jumpstarted your love and focus for knitting again.

I have a hard time remembering sometimes that my most beautiful yarn is there to be knitted up. I feel like it's there to be honored and dreamed about, and that if I want to knit it, I had better find the absolute perfect pattern to show it off!


Oh your shawl is just stunning! I love the colors and I am so glad you have found some focus. I am going back and forth over casting on a second project at the moment. I really need a cardigan. Oh what to do...


Beautiful lessons and loves today! Thank you for sharing.


Beautiful new project - rich, warm colours mmmmm.
The links are fantatsic. 2 new places to go visit and drool. And the woodland shawl, man oh man that is a stunner!


Wise friend indeed ;) I'm glad it perked you up! Sometimes you just need something new. That color is awesome and will make a gorgeous shawl.

As for those socks - yay you on just fixing that little glitch and moving on. Great yarn, great needles - so I'm glad you got past it. It's too easy just to toss it aside - glad you solved it right then and kept going.

I hope all your yarn is thankful to be living in such a creative home with fabulous siblings. Ha!


Your shawl and socks are beautiful...I like them both and I think I need to cast on something new tonight! I'm thinking the spring leaves would be a great project to do...so many great patterns! Thank you for linking my blanket...I still need to work on that tonight too! all the best to you and your little yarn babies!

harmony and rosie

Thank you sweet Andi for the link and the shawl love. I've been getting loads of inspiration from your blog recently as I think it's time I made my first socks. I'm thrilled to find out where to start now .. before I move on to some of your amazing FOs!
Happy yarn day xox


I find that I tend to hoard my really nice yarns too, and I get very reluctant to actually use them. I have to remind myself that I didn't buy them just so that they could live in the bin under my bed! That color isn't normally one of my go-to's, but I think that it is just stunning! I love it :) I can't wait to see the finished shawl.


Lovely projects and photos. I agree that sometimes you just have to sit back and let the pattern take control. I hope you have an enjoyable week.!


Your friend was quite wise. I sometimes find myself not knitting because I'm not inspired by my projects. Obviously I need to follow your lead and knit All The Things!


I am a bit of a one project knitter (with of course a few UFOs ahaunting). But there is no more sublime a pleasure, than casting on. It is such a hopeful and optimistic act. I am glad to hear that you too celebrate the cast on.


Gosh, i haven't knit in MONTHS but you're making me think i really really neeeeeeeeed a shawl. hmm...


What a gorgeous colour that shawl is. I love the way simple texture can bring out subtle variegation.

(P.S. Thanks for the link! I am already devising a second pair of those socks. So good for warm weather.)


I'm going to write your lessons down in my knitting book ~ I need to remember to knit all the beauties in my stash and not sweat the little stuff!


I kind of liked the green ...... but you have to do what you have to do ;)
Love the yarn colour for your shawl too!!


Oh I love that shawl so much, you picked a beautiful color!!!! Also, those hummingbird socks you linked too!!! Eep! Just so perfect!!!! Thanks for linking to me today, that was so kind of you!!!!!


Oh I like this blog redesign! I love your minimalist style. I'm glad to decided to knit up your beloved MadTosh because we get to enjoy it along with you! That is going to be a truly gorgeous shawl. As always, I would be worried about you if you didn't have socks on your needles. I need some of your sock mojo to get through my current pair, send some my way please!


it's so lovely when you find out what really works for you, casting on for this shawl sounds like happiness x 10, knit away my friend!


I just finished a project and I'm itching to start another. I think one of the best feelings is starting something new and fresh-that includes knitting and books!


Cast on I will, then :)
Thanx again for the inspiration & good reads


Great project. Why is it so hard to knit the prettiest yarns in the stash? I have several skeins of Malabrigo sock I've had for YEARS. This is inspiration to just cast it on already.


Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! That was an unexpected surprise.
The shawl is looking lovely, easy to combine, and I really like the colours of those socks.
Off to check those interesting links!


Lovely work Andi! I enjoyed the links, those ladies are just like you for they can sure knit beautiful pieces.


The rich color of the shawl is so pretty. Whoever dyed that sock yarn, well, oh well. Knitting should be fun and happy I agree.

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