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yay for happy socks! i do have a question. what did you use for the heels and toes? or did you just skip the other colors for them? the color matches perfectly so i'm thinking you just used parts of the yarn...

you already know what my warm weather go to meals are - hummus and grilled pita and guac. my new favorite chips to eat with guac are Late July Mild Green Mojo http://www.latejuly.com/ - high in fiber, low in saturated fat, organic and TASTY!


I am reading :)

I love your new socks and I'm glad you loved the tea ~ did you try it hot or cold (I'm thinking with temps that high cold would be delicious!!!)


I love the socks. They truly are happy socks. Is that an afterthought heel and toe method you used? I've yet to try that method.

I've been reading about the super hot temperatures you're experiencing in the south-west. I have to admit that the few occasions we experience heatwaves,I eat salads and grilled meats and fish. It's too much to eat proper food let alone cook it.

Enjoy your tea and that cross stitch bookmark kit looks wonderful.


Oh my, that is so hot! I like it warm, but that might be too much! But good for you to keep on knitting...love those hot pink socks!

My favourites when it's hot weather is pasta salads, although cooking the pasta isn't fun... We also make lots of hummus and guacamole and eat that with cut up veggies.

Hope you are able to stay cool and comfortable!

Jane S.

Oh I love those socks! I bet you can hardly wait for cool weather so that you can wear them. :)

When it's hot out we eat a lot of
"deconstructed" sandwiches and salads. Early in the day I will grill something and then put it in the fridge to cool. I'll also get some dilled cucumbers made and then everything is nice and cold by dinner time. We slice bread, set out the meats, cheeses, condiments, toppings, and all the salad makings. People assemble their own. Nobody has much of an appetite in the heat so we keep it very simple.


Wowza, those socks are incredibly cute! They are perfection :)

We're in winter here but our summers get pretty hot, last summer I went through a "pasta, tomatoes, rocket salad and olive oil" phase, I could it that pasta every day.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend!


Another happy pair added to the stash! Yippee!
The salad looks cool and refreshing.
Our favorite cool salads are Eating for England's Quinoa salad and Ellie Krieger's Chinese Chicken Salad.


yikes! that is hot...come sit on the porch with me~ we'll knit, sip on sweet tea and and much on veggies with way too much dip!
loving the socks, pink & lime green or pink & orange...two of my favorite color combo's~
my favorite summer food...pasta with tomatoes, cukes, genoa salami (can't have all healthy foods..lol) olives, zucchini, peppers and little chunks of fresh mozzarella all drizzled in a homemade italian dressing~ you can also sub feta, throw in some fresh corn or sugar snap peas. i throw in whatever i have~
i'll save a rocking chair for ya~




I'm lovin' those socks, Andi, and that tea sounds wonderful! I'll have to look for it the next time I'm at Churchmouse.


I hope I wasn't in the spam folder ;) Well your socks are divine and isn't it nice to receive gifts in the mail??


Those socks are fantastic and colourful. I love different teas too and nice to share around which I have with some blog friends. Winter here so would love to steal your heat lol. Meals, I love a simple grilled chick breast cut up and tossed with lettuce/sundried tomatoes/red onion sliced/a little cheese with or without a mayo dressing.


Ooh...those socks are gorgeous! Pink and green is such a wonderful combination.

For heatwave conditions, salads are the only 'recipe' for me. I love black olives, feta, sun dried tomatoes and capsicum added to a basic salad. Or sometimes, I'll make toast, top it with hummus and cheese, pop it under the grill and add salad.
It's soup weather here...so cold, and we haven't seen the sunshine in a week :( They're promising sunshine for Wednesday...I'm holding them to it ;)


Wonderful socks! The colours are gorgeous! We're still waiting for Summer here in Belgium...send some heat to here ;-)
And for Summer food, i love some cold penne pasta with basil, salmon and tomatoes, mmmm. Also Greek salades are tasty and refreshing in hot days.


Those socks surely rock ! And just like Jody I'm curious how you fixed the heel that way, as it doesn't look like an afterthought heel...
Our summers aren't thát warm, so I do cook in summertime too. ( though I'm very fond of greekish salad combined with bread or pasta with pesto ). I do cook light meals though; like veggies with some nuts served with bulgur. Or tortilla's with veggies and kidney beans. Or salads or stir-fry dishes with ( canned ) chickpeas. The latter two are also very quick & easy. Especially canned chick peas, with garlic and onions, some ground pepper and cumin finished with fresh spinach ( you know, the kind they sell in the supermarket - washed and all ) - makes a cooked, light meal, ready in app. 10 minutes :)


How great to look forward to some happy socks for Fall. That would comfort me, thinking about them, unworn and pristine, in the drawer, just waiting for cooler weather. Enjoy the warm.


Love your socks Andi! Lime green and pink: what a delightfull color combo!
For summer light meals, I love tomatoes/mozzarella with plenty of basil, chives and shiso. I also love cold ratatouille - so refreshing!


those socks just simply scream 'happy'!!! we've been trying to eat 'cool' also----not suffering the super high temps like you, but have the awful humidity added to our 90s; still not fun. Lots of grilling....lots of salads....lots of stuff from the garden.


I'll bet you could put your crockpot in the garage and cook up a meal without even plugging it in! When it's hot I enjoy a tall lowfat Kefir cultured milk smoothie (Lifeway.) Open the cap, pour into a glass, pop in a straw ~ sip slowly and enjoy.


OOOOOOOH pretty socks, as always! I think that those stripes really make the socks.
And that salad looks good. It's been hot here too, yet we are still cooking. Lately it's been a lot of random stuff too. But one of my favorite things to make in the summer is of course anything on the grill. Chicken, burgers, steak. Particularly veggies. I've taken a liking to cutting sweet potatoes and wrapping them in foil with some seasoning and popping them on the grill. Happy Monday !


I have to knit a vanilla pattern too in a stunning colorway like you! So inspiring! Your salad look just delicious and a greek salad would definitely be my favorite summer dish! Do you like gazpacho? I don't have a best receipe yet but I ate some delicious ones in Spain! Here too, we finally have temperatures that are decent for summer! It is so short that we also enjoy good hamburgers on the BBQ! I hope you have a wonderful week so far!


Fabulous socks and a gorgeous looking salad.

Donna Sand

Well, now i feel foolish for complaining so much about the heat on my blog this week. Compared to what you are all dealing with!!! I put a real good hot weather recipe there.

Your dish looks wonderful ...but unfortunately tomato's are a very heat aggravating food ...it now it makes no sense to me either cause they are a summer vegetable!!! But from a Holistic/Ayurvedic point of view they can really cause a lot of heat in your body which is not great in excessive heat, with this being said i still cant keep away from them at times!!! Okay i am off my soap box.

on another note ..I cleaned out three knitting bags today ...I think I have a problem ;-) but it was so much fun to sit and on the floor with all the lovelies around me!!!

Anna E

Love the colour combination on those socks- one of my favourites! I don't think I've properly got into the swing of summer cooking yet so your post was a good prod for me to go searching for recipes. One we have been enjoying recently is halloumi, cherry tomatoes and chunks of courguette, marinated in a mix of honey, chilli flakes, oil and mint then grilled or barbecued. It's from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage Veg Everyday (a fabulous book I use all the time!)


Chiming in with a question about how you did the heels and toes! The color does match so perfectly that I think it must certainly have been the same yarn or yarn from the same dyer.

I can't contribute any summer meal ideas, but wow... 119 degrees? It seems I've escaped to the East Coast just in time, although even 85 degrees here with such humidity feels horrendously stifling.


Oh those socks scream fun! They remind me of watermelons. We were in Las Vegas for the record temperatures this past weekend. Too hot for knitting...but I couldn't resist and worked on my Quill anyway :) I had to keep my hands busy and off those slot machines, what can I say.

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