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Such a lovely shawl, I know her new owner will be happy. :)


Oh so many fun links. I love that Leanne is making a never ending Juneberry Shawl. It is one of my favorite knits and I have made two already but I wouldn't hesitate to cast on another one. Your shawl looks so pretty and I hope whoever you are sending it to will love it and get tons of use out of it.


the colors of that shawl are *gorgeous*! i love the variation and glazed layering. i know the recipient will feel the love while wearing it.

and thanks for the kind words on my peppermint. it is a happy making shawl :)


Gorgeous shawl! I love the vibrant shades! That Madeline Tosh!


Still in love with those beautiful rich colors! I can't believe that you can bear to give this one away!

chantal Boucher

I love the color!! Really nice shawl!!


Oh Andi--this shawl turned out so lovely! The color of the yarn really grabs me as it seems so Fallish and Fall is my favorite season. I have trotted over to Ravelry and put it in my favorites.


Really beautiful shawl! Thanks for the links!

Donna Sand

I love this introduction to all these wonderful blogs!

Wonderful shawl. I have some casting on plans this week...yard work has been taking up all my time lately but we finished up this week!

Have a great day friend!


Looks like a beauty. Beautiful colors...reminds me of desert rocks :) Love it!!


love the shawl and the colors! did you make it for me? Just kidding but it is my colorway :)


Umm can I just say that your shawl is delicious?! That colour is sooo beautiful, perfect with the pattern. Whoever you are giving it to is certainly very lucky.
I love when you add lots of links :) I love checking everyone out.


I have a difficult time getting an idea of the size from the photos, but with the amount of yarn you used I can only imagine! Blocking small garments can be a pain, I'm sure this one would take some serious time. But it looks so pretty!! The lucky recipient is going to adore it.

Anna E

Aw, thanks for the mention! I'm so glad I came across your blog, I love the images (even those taken in troublesome light!) and also your enthusiasm for your projects :-)
The shawl looks great- I am in admiration as I my attempts at shawls have not exactly been successful. Maybe time to try again...?


This FO is fantastic! It's so rich. What a lucky woman your friend is to receive that. You are such a shawl inspiration, Andi.
Great links you've shared. You're so good about that.


It is a wonderful feeling finishing something. I like to hang my finished knitting somewhere and just look at it lovingly. I think my knitting is the only thing I do that with...just gaze lovingly, uncritically, drinking in all the beauty and magic that is yarn and stitches. I hope you do too...cos this shawl is delicious to look upon.


It's very beautiful Andi! Thank you for the great links.
Hope Summer is being pleasant and fun for you!


That shawl!!!! My favorite tosh color!!!! Seriously DREAMY!! I cant wait to see photos of it, also, you are amazing for gifting it! Also, your blog always makes me feel like relaxing and knitting! <3

Annie @ knitsofacto

Looking good! Love the colours :) And thank you for all the links Andi. (I tried to comment on Anna's blog but it wouldn't let me log in, or rather it said I needed to log into Wordpress when I was already logged in ... hope she's see this.)

I have become my sister's knitter by the way ... I am designing and knitting a shawl for her to wear to her wedding in July. Nothing too bridal as it's second time around for her. I'm having such fun :)

Anna E

Just changed my settings so hopefully commenting on my blog is easier Annie :-)
Thanks for the feedback!


A gorgeous shawl!!! such a beautiful color too. Thank you so much for sharing my sock post!! eek!


So beautiful!
Love the colour. Her new owner is very lucky!


Came out great! The colours are just fab and I'm sure the owner will truly love it!!

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