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stripes! i see they're for the sister :)

are you going to do the heel that's in the pattern? or sub your standard flap heel? i love the look of the wedge (i think it's afterthought) but the fit will be different so i'm wondering what you have planned.


Those socks are gorgeous!!


That sock yarn looks divine!!! You choose the best yarn for your projects. I also can't wait to see your Swallowtail blocked!

Thanks for sharing your loves this week; it's always so good to get additional inspiration.


Such lovely links Andi and the video is so nice. Have a great Sunday.


Thank you for all the wonderful links, so much goodness in the world.
I think Indian food is one of my favorites and could eat it almost everyday. I love to make paneer and have it on hand for a quick meal.


I LOVE your stripey socks ... that yarn is perfect!


Once again so many wonderful links and woo hoo to see mine! Your projects look beautiful and thank you again for all your knitting inspiration!


ooh I love the striped socks.

I think that will be added to my queue fairly soon.


Thank you so much for linking my blog in the post (and on your side bar! :-P), that's super sweet of you!

Those socks are goooorgeous! I feel super inspired to cast on a pair like that now, haha! I have oodles of self-striping in my stash


trying to resist quill...for now...andee's is so pretty! :) your knitting and links are all wonderful and beautiful and interesting, are you are wonderful too. :)


It's true. You wouldn't be you without striped socks.

Because of you, I've started to hoard self-striping sock yarn. I haven't knit any yet. The closest I got was winding some up. But every time I see your self-striping socks, I feel the need to look for more yarn.

(And thanks for the shout out!)


Your striped socks are beautiful! I love the colors you chose ;-)


When you commit to finishing stuff you really go all out! It is all looking so lovely and so almost done. I just spent a sweet time wandering through your recommendations, having a most enjoyable time. Thanks.


What a fun and inspiring post today, love your knits- that beautiful juicy red shawl looks ah- mazing! I bookmarked several of these beautiful blogs- so inspiring and in awe of the lovely images. Have a lovely week Andi.


oh no, I think my comment disappeared :( I'm trying again: love the socks and the shawl a perfect mix of thinking and non-thinking and thanks for the links-I know I'll love where they lead since we have similar tastes.

take two!!


Stripy socks always make me smile.

Your shawl is coming along beautifully.


WOW. I LOVE those socks. As usual haha. But really, you are just buzzing along. Thanks for sharing the video - Train is my favorite band ever :P


The nupps are precisely what made me give up this shawl! Thanks for the tip, it might help me giving this shawl another try.
Love the color you chose!


You got me excited about striped socks again. I think I'm going to rip out mine and try again. I think I lost steam, because I know they aren't right. I still think I'll be wrapping up some items in time for the KAL. best to you!


OH, thank you SO much for giving me the joy it was to notice myself in your "soul-food-blog-list"! warms my heart and makes me happy : )

so many beautiful things you create with your knitting needles. i always love to see what other people are knitting and often it is through this i find the projects that i want to knit next.



Nupps are interesting. Are they like bobbles?
I love, love your sock. You made great progress on your shawl. What a terrific feeling to have when yarn and pattern and enjoyment all align together.

Leslie Butler

I love the socks and have printed out the pattern to use with my self-striping Vesper sock yarn. Everything else looks great, but the sock really spoke to me! :)


Loving those stripy socks Andi! Thank you for sharing your link loves... I can hardly keep up with all the blogs in my feed but new discoveries are always inspiring :)


Andee just sent me over here. FUN BLOG!!! :-D


I am smitten by those socks....great colors and nice texture without being too mch.

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