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I'd knit Behind the Garden Wall.


First off - Happy Birthday! Have an amazing day :)

No surprise that you'd knit the blanket in grey yarn. You are you after all :)

I already have the book so no entry for me but I couldn't let a birthday post go by without commenting!


Happy Brithday ! Hope you are being well spoilt today ;) and may there be many more birthdays for you to come !

I read about the book, saw all the excellent patterns, so ingenious ! Already joined in at the giveaway at Kiwiyarns blog too - I adore those Alice mittens ! Loved the book too, gueass that helped a little..

Hm, I would love to satisfy your curiosity, but I don't know if I even had an official nickname. A friend of mine called me 'Joost' sometimes ( sort ofa male equivalent to José ) and my dad sometimes called me 'Josefien' - only did so when there were chores to do.. so I never really like it.. When I heard 'Josefien' I knew it meant dishes or cleaning... hihi..


love the Robin Hood inspired hoodie from the cover.

my dad always called me booboo, like the little bear from Yogi bear cartoons.


Oh I'd love to win. That Robin Hoodie would be first on my needles.

My nickname growing up was Butt. Don't ask.

Ravelry ID- AndeeKF


pattern: Avonlea (so pretty!)
where to find me : pretty sure you know :)
nickname : my brother used to call me 'Bubble Butt' ~ he was a butthead

happy birthday!!


happy birthday andi!!!! wishing you a wonderful day & hoping your day involves cake~

the book looks amazing~ i think i would start with the handwarmers or maybe the socks, but i do love the shawl...you're right, it's going to be hard to choose!

my nickname given to me by my dad was squirt until i had my first child, then he called me the kid...lol

and you, what was your nickname?


Happy birthday Virgo sister!
I really like Sail to Treasure Island.
Nickname...only one person called me Trace and that was my Dad.
I hope you have the best day!


Hi Andi, happy birthday I hope you're having a lovely day. I would knit motoring madness. The wind in the willows was a childhood favorite. My nickname as a child (and still is) fish.


hope you are having a great birthday!!!! you're giving us all a great day with the chance to win this book!! wow! I know the first pattern I'd cast on would have to be motoring madness (for some reason i'm on a fingerless mitt kick at the moment and seem to be queuing a bunch of them)----but i love the shawl and the long cowl/scarf, too. hmmmmm.

soyknits on rav


Happy Birthday!!!

I love Motoring Madness... and also Deep Sea Wanderer. It's a toss-up!

Hope you have a great day!


I love those motoring madness mitts! Great book, great yarn choice, and a lovely design.


Woah, those are some intense patterns. Oddly enough, I don't think I've read any of those books, but I do know their stories. I particularly like the Robinhoodie and behind the garden wall. However, don't enter me in the contest - I don't see myself ever using this e-book. Not that it isn't lovely, just not my thing. Good luck with your giveaway!


Coming out from under my blanket to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andi"!!! If I was closer, I'd give you a big ole hug and lots, and lots, and lots of yarn!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day! You deserve it so much.


Hip Hurrah! Happy birthday Andi- wishing you lots of happiness + health for the next year to come!
You HAVE to read Anne of Green Gables- SO good. 16 candles was one of my favorite movies as a teen...what's there not to love?

Katie D.

I would definitely make the Black Beauty socks! My family has horses and we love them. And happy birthday!


Happy Birthday. I think that my fav is Avonlea. I love shawls.

My nickname growing up was Andi. lol - I haven't come across many people who spell it the same way my family did. Do you find a lot of folks misspell your name?

KnittingBelle from Ravelry

Happy Birthday! :)

Oh I most certainly would love to knit the Sail To Treasure Island blanket. I think it is so pretty and can just see that on the back of my sofa!

Thanks for the chance to win! :)


I'd definitely make the Robin Hoodie for my husband, so he can pretend he's Green Arrow even MORE than he already does!


Congratulations on the birthday! I hope you got a copy of The Book in order to celebrate. I too would love to knit Sail to Treasure Island.
ravID: terraki


I think my favorite is Sail to Treasure Island, too!

Asha Francis

My nickname was Olive like the one from Popeye sigh!

In any case please count me in for the giveaway.


Hope you had a rocking brthday!


Happy, happy birthday!! :)
I am a lover of all things Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea and was lucky enough to visit the house that inspired the story a few years ago. I fell in love that much harder. I guess what I am saying is that I would absolutely knit Avonlea first.
~Amanda (growing up I was Amanda Panda to my mom)

Mousy Brown

I would have to go for "down the rabbit hole" or "motoring madness" but eventually I think I'd have a go at all of them! Happy Birthday - hope it was a good one! :D


Happy birthday! I would probably start with the Black Beauty socks as my daughter has recently started horse riding and finds that her riding boots rub her ankles with her ordinary short socks; these are the perfect length though. Or maybe the Tom Sawyer scarf as it looks like an easy introduction to intarsia and I've never done that before. My favourite childhood nickname was Hazy Fantazy (my name is Hazel) but I got called Nutty a lot too. I am One-oh-four on Ravelry.

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