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The yarn for your shawl looks beautiful! I am glad you have time to knit. We went to Rhinebeck today. I had 5 hours of knitting in the car. It was glorious!


Your shawl is going to be amazing and I love that you are still smitten with the pattern, now I want to knit one myself.


I have been wanting to knit more than usual, too.
I feel guilty sometimes for knitting but I should not because I do have something to show for my time.
I have been busy with things so I usually only knit at night when I am watching tv ( though I must admit that I always have a project bag with me wherever I go).


That will be a beautiful shawl! Can't wait to see it done! Thanks or sharing the podcast love; those are new to me! I'm in need of some new episodes--I'm up to date on all the ones that I follow :-)


I would be happy sitting there, knitting away with that lovely yarn.The sock yarn is super fun.


That is some serious stripy sock goodness right there! I love that colour combination.

I'm glad to hear you found some time for yourself (and your needles!) Often when I get in a funk I find it takes me less time to get out of it than I think it will, it just comes down to feeling like I've made some progress and found a little quiet space for myself.

Have a lovely week!


Love the work you've completed on both your shawl and sock. They will be beautiful F.Os.

And p.s. I have that mug with my initial! :D


That shawl is going to be stunning! That color is so amazing! Cute socks!! I also have been enjoying the Suburban Stitcher, I find her very down to earth! I am off now to check out In a Sknit! Thanks for the recommendation! AND I am crossing my fingers that our market carries that Salted Caramel Mocha coffee creamer, amazing :-)


oh andi! that shawl is so pretty (i just looked at the pattern)love the color of yours! and your sock, i have to make some, you are just too inspiring. i want a pair now!

Caffeine Girl

There is nothing like a good, long knit, is there? The shawl looks beautiful. I am surprised at how well the sock pattern works with stripes!


scrumptious is what that yarn is!!! lovely knit and I can see it being something that echoes "just one more row". I hope you get more dog sitting opportunities so you can have a completed shawl ;)

Annie @ knitsofacto

The colour of that shawl ... it's exquisite! So glad the knitting gods are smiling on you :)


Everyone needs to find their little piece of happiness ... I knit during my lunch break at work, too, and I can't tell you how much it helps center my day! xo


Yes. Sigh. Another colorway I create which cannot be photographed correctly. I think that's all I've got.


I must check out Wooly Wonka Fibers...gorgeous color! Cannot wait to see your shawl finished!

And your Hermione is perfect!! I cast on another pair :)

I haven't tried Salted Caramel creamer, but I am *obsessed* with Pumpkin Spice creamer!! wooo!! :)

So glad you found more time to knit :)


I so love your knitting--the colors you choose are always so perfect for the pattern they go with. Such rich colors. Glad you found some time to get some knitting time in. I have not seen that creamer but boy does that look yum! Personally I am eagerly waiting for eggnog to return to my grocers--I love putting that in my coffee. :)


The 'happies' should be a thing so people share more often. Excited to see your shawl!


beautiful knitting as always xo


oh, that shawl!!!! and just think once the magic of blocking takes hold!!!! can't wait to see it!


Those socks are just so happy!! The lace colour is gorgeous.

Amanda Keeys

I bet that "blob" is going to look amazing pretty soon! And those hermione's... so pretty! I love the colours.

Donna @Allthingsming

I adore the happies!!! Glad to hear you got a case of them!


happies are the best! so glad you have em'

the creamer looks divine, putting that on my shopping list

the shawl is lovely and a beautiful color~ i finally started a lala shawl!!!

hope your week is a good one!


ps...watch your mailbox :~)


Thank you so much for the shout-out!! Glad you're enjoying our show. We have so much fun making it and "chatting" with all the people we've found through this new adventure.

I love your socks, and that shawl is gorgeous! I want to hug it through my monitor, so I can only imagine how beautiful it is in person.

--Sarah of In a sKnit


the color of that shawl is gorgeous!

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