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The craft community has been so warm with very open arms to me so I know exactly what you mean by community.

Lovely swap gifts, and I can't wait to see what the finished blanket looks like.

That video is just the reminder I needed today of some of the things that are important.

Happy Sunday Andi. :)

Beth Aalberts

I love your socks, where did you get that yarn??


What a wonderful swap! I totally forgot about the comfort squares!!! Let me know if you still need more and I'll get one casted on. I do love all the wonderful people I have met through the knitting world. It is an amazing supportive community that I am so happy to be a part of. I love your Ravelry Group! I think I'm going to be mostly a Cheerleader for this round of the KAL since my big projects were already on my needles before the start date. But I'm still stopping in everyday :)


What a score in that swap. I love how New Zealand is represented. That Melon Medley is awesome! I thought of my fruit bowl this morning. I'm so glad you received squares from everywhere.


I know exactly what you mean Andi and have come to think of this amazing group of women as such dear friends.

Your swap gifts are just lovely and I know you will turn that beautiful yarn into something just stunning.


Thanks for this post, Andi! I needed reminding of all that is positive in my life as I've been letting the tough stuff overwhelm me recently. I am going to take a leaf from your book and accentuate the positive:-)


So true! When I moved to the suburb, I did not know anybody here. Now, I have many great knitting friends! I would say that in general, people who knit are very caring people! Your new socks are so pretty too!


this all makes me cry, i feel like one of the luckiest people on earth to know you and everyone part of this tribe, this group of amazing knitting, crafting people. LOVE your nz swap, LOVE nz!! and the video too andi, just so lovely.


oh! and your socks are SO pretty!!

Donna @Allthingsming

I am so grateful for my knitting friends close by and in blog land. They become your family!! It is a very strong bond and one i am so humbled to belong too.

Biggest love to you and all knitters everywhere!

My block is done for the comfort square and will be on the way to you!



Self striping with hermione's ....speechless! I'm stealing that.


Yes! I know exactly how it feels to be in love with a project. The feel the look and of course the satisfaction of the pattern all bundled up together :)


Good thing I had tissues close by...
those socks do make a girl drool... ;)


Indeed! What better time to knit than now, what better community than what is already there, and what amazing resources at our finger tips - which mean that anyone can teach themselves how to knit.

Loving your sock, and that yarn looks rather edible I must say. :)


Please tell me what sock pattern you are using. that sock is soooooooooo gosh darn cute. I went to what you had listed and got nowhere.


knitters really are the greatest!

happy sock-tober!


Thanks for this great post! It IS a wonderful time to be a knitter. I started a few years ago when I was dealing with my own medical issues. (I wrote about it here: http://www.theunpackagedeye.com/sing-the-yarn/ ) Knitting has offered me so much--the community has too!


what a lovely swap package you got!
so touching to read about the comfort blanket for your friend and to see all those beautiful squares that you got. what a heartwarming gift this will be for her. i hope you will tell us about how it goes with her.

and i am so happy that you shared this line that i am a firm beliver in:
being grateful and aware can never be wrong!


ps: happy colored socks is a must for me in this long and dark winter we have here. such a mood uplifter having something "happy" on ones feet : ))


The squares look fabulous together


That looks like one fun swap. And you've got some of my favorite yarn: Knitsch. I have to know, what color way is that? It is quite pretty.

mary beth lynn

I had a dream about the melon medley . . . .I just love it, to the point that I would cheat on my yarn diet over it. I went to their site but it appears it is not available any longer. Did you purchase it long ago? I have made a coule pairs of the Hermoine sock and LOVE them! Great pattern that is so easy to remember - great project to just tote along where ever you go

Amanda Keeys

I completely agree. I am not even too active "in" the knitting community really (at the moment anyway, time poor as I am) and yet still the friendliness and nature of the knitters I know is a wonderful thing. There's just a certain something knitters seem to have.
What a gorgeous swap package too, lovely stuff.


Such a lovely idea the blanket is. I am happy to know there are people that care. I cannot wait to see the blanket. If you need more squares just ask and you shall receive:).



Having learnt to knit in the power '80s when you couldn't spot a natural fibre to save yourself, it's so lovely that something that has been a passion all these years is now back in vogue.
I'm hoping that now we all have a way to connect with each other via the web, it will never truly go out of fashion again!


It is indeed a marvellous love, pure and noble, yet lusty and earthy. It is a love that last a lifetime and unites generations and continents. May we never fall out of love!

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