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All I want to do ever is knit. I haven't had much time to knit lately and it makes me so sad. I am even listening to a wonderful audiobook. All I want to do is sit, knit and listen to my book, but it never seems to happen. Darn work and needing to have money. I want to quit and be a designer.


Looks as if you have quite a few things on the needles - sometimes that slows the progress till finish. But once things start coming off the needles, then there's no stopping to it.


I struggled over the summer as I made myself finish a wip which although I loved doing it, became a chore as I was unable to pick up anything else. I almost lost the will to knit, but finally finished I now am knitting and crocheting all sorts of wips that I had planned in my head as I methodically knitted my 'must finish wip'. It almost feels like a whirlwind compared to my summer knitting!


Beautiful socks!! I have been doing cleaning and cooking. The singer in this music link has a lovely clear voice. Thanks for sharing Andi.
P.S. I will quit my blog for now. Posted my last post. I may stop by people's blog sometimes. Thank you for your visits and kind comments. :)


I have been in a knitting rut too, and I hate that feeling! For awhile I wasn't excited about any of my projects.. but I am glad to say that my mojo is back. Sometimes it takes a quick knit for instant gratification to bring you back. I love your socks, and your stripes match perfectly! I hope you are able to finish some of your other items!


Last time I had a big kntting lull was when I totally lost my mojo for it a few years back. Shortly after that I got my first design commission and since then there aren't enough knitting hours in the day for me! This weekend knitting was part of my fightback against how work has been taking over. Knitting, along with baking and walking up hills with my little family :-)


I know what you mean! I've been thinking that I'd have lots of time to knit this weekend but I haven't so far :) Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in Canada. I'll try to knit before I go to bed tonight and a little tomorrow too! Have a great knitting week!


Rockin' socks, Andy! I started a semi-new project yesterday. Been resting but cleaned big time around here today with Cupcake's classmate coming over tomorrow. Right now m addicted to my book.


How is that book? I always love finding knitting related books! And I love the socks, as always :)


I've had grand plans for knitting and crocheting and they have not materialized. The weather's making me feel like nesting and the urge to craft is coming back. I'm hoping I can really finish the year on a knitting/crocheting/spinning high.

Love your happy stripey socks Andi. Cheers for a great week.


but just think.....all that knitting WILL eventually turn into FOs. I guess I'm lucky that I'm a 'process knitter' rather than a FO knitter....I simply don't care if anything ever gets done as long as there is something on the needles!!!

LOVE those socks, though----with the weather changing just a bit....bet you are glad for toasty toes!!! Such happy yarn!!


Looking good tho! Love the sock colors! :)


love your socks so cheerful! I find that when I bring knitting I never touch it but if I haven't a single project at hand that is when I'm dying to knit something while waiting.


Haha, I feel the same way! When I have lots of free time, not much seems to get done but when I'm super busy knitting is all I think about. How do you like The Yarn Whisperer? It's on my wishlist!


Love those socks! They are so lovely and bright - perfect for the grey winter days that are approaching!
And the yarn is so aptly named - the colours remind me of the multi-coloured houses of Burano, Venice :)


oh my goodness those are the happiest socks i've ever seen, they are fantastic andi. are you working on big projects? must be, that's me too, i feel like i'm not doing anything really. i have nothing to show (boo hooing with you. hee hee)
how is the book? love clara parkes.


I hear you about only having knitting on the brain. I love it. Excellent sock colors!


I always have knitting on the brain! I woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking about a particular skein of yarn and what I was going to make with it. At 3:00 a.m.? What's up with that? Like I said, on the brain at all times...


I just made a declaration. We will get take out dinners all week so I will have more time to knit!!!!


Those socks are so much fun!

And yes, this happens to me all the time, and will only get worse from here until Christmas. Between gift knitting and the little things I'll try to slip in for myself, I'll be thinking about nothing but knitting!

Annie @ knitsofacto

I hear you re. the time thing, same here, I have far too little actual knitting time lately.

We're reading the same book :D


I LOVE those stripey socks!


What gorgeous socks ! The book seems good, too, just read a review, think it ought to be on my 'to-read-list'. Only `i don't read as much as I intend to, as I also want to knit and read blogs and marvel at patterns to make even more knit plans..
And wow... to be able to listen to knitting podcastst while working.. sounds awesome !


The basic rule of knitting... ;-)


I feel you. I've been knitting and knitting and nothing has come off of the needles. I blame the sock that refuses to fit. I've ripped it several times.....

And I love seeing how you've knit the heels on your stripey socks. I've got some self-striping that has stumped me. A heel flap would work better for me, but I wasn't sure if the striping would look good. You've proven that it looks great!

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