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I love the yarn ball stitch markers! Oh that yarn is so pretty. I think I might have to cast on some socks today!


My knitting mojo has nearly disappeared over the last month. But it hasn't been cold where I live just yet.

I'm quite taken with Bethany's sock. It's high up on my queue.

And that Little Prince yarn is lovely! I'm partial to the Geographer colorway, but the rose one looks like it comes out beautifully. (I'd been stalking projects on ravelry a week or two ago)


The texture of those docks are amazing. They will be so cute in pink. The new project bag is definitely a representation of fall. I love those little yarn ball stitch markers. Thank you for the soup recommendations.

Anna E

Oh, it's true, it's so lovely to be in the season for knitting! I am enjoying knitting a couple of other people's designs just now (Kate Davies' Deco and Woolly Wormhead's Mystery Hat KAL)- both in lovely shades of deep blue. Selfishly, they are both for me as I might love this season, but I need insulating against it!


I love love love the yarn ball stitch markers.



Oh yes, autumn makes me want to cast on way more than I can actually knit at the time... And of course it getting colder is a legal excuse to get me a sweater's worth of yarn :)
I love autumn, also for it's colours and odours
Your socks look lovely !


I love the Opal wool - I've knitted several pairs of socks with their self-patterning yarn and they seem to be completely indestructible. Have just had a small accident online and ordered three balls in different Little Prince colours - blaming you entirely! (not really, your blog is great). Ruth x


The Little Prince yarn was so meant for you! Your friend Kathie really spoiled you! Happy Sunday!


is it wrong that i am a little envious of mary? :)
LOVE your bethany sock, katies treasures, norway's knitting and le petit prince (so much, one quote is handpainted in one of our rooms and one of my girls has a tattoo). happy sunday evening rose. :)


and acoustic guitar, sigh.


I love the color you chose for the woodpile socks! I've been thinking of casting on but somehow right now I can't seem to find the time! its a great pattern. I have always love the little prince book, the yarn looks so pretty!


Gorgeous stitch markers and yarn Andi. Yes, there's nothing quite like autumn to get your knitting mojo going. It also makes me grab my slow cooker and cook delicious heart-warming stews and casseroles.


I knit the same amount all year round. I think the invention of AC helps with that habit :) I love fall and this time of year of snuggling inside and knitting the best.


That Little Prince yarn is so perfectly Andi! I'm always curious how Opal knits up because it's hard to tell what it's going to do in the ball.

I'm curious what's going on with your Woodpile sock. It looks like you have one circular and one DPN? Maybe you just did that for the pic?


I am so bad. I saw that Little Prince yarn and had to go buy some of my own. It's beautiful. I love making socks too.


Wow, you always know how to pick your patterns - that sock is such a creative and cute design. I hope you were able to get some major knitting done on your sunday!


That Little Prince sock yarn looks like it might have to end up in my stash too! That was very sweet of your reader to buy it for you. I'm looking forward to seeing what the knitting mojo manifests!


Thanks for the Norwegian link. I had been hearing about the event for a little while but couldn't find a direct link. It was strangely compelling tv. Did you keep looking out for the host's sweater changes? I loved all the traditionally inspired sweater motifs. If it was in English I would have stayed up all night.


That sock looks so pretty in that solid pink. :) No socks on the needles here, but the cooler temps prompted me to finally finish my Mitered Squares blanket. Now it's on to Christmas gift knitting!

Donna @Allthingsming

What great gifts !!! Yes we are having perfect fall weather here...the knitting is on!


So many good things here! That competition looks awesome! And I love that song.


I <3 Damien Rice!:)


It's been such a long time I last came here. I'm so sorry Andi. I missed your blog!
These pink socks are lovely. I think I need to cast on immediately. Oh, and I'm totally in love with the project bag. It's so cute!


We have a love affair with The Little Prince over here too. I have three kids who each have their own copy (the youngest can't even read but it's there for him when he can). It's hard to find a book the intrigues adults and children alike. I think I need to get some of that yarn!

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