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to vrange

Ooooh, I'd love to try Karbonz - the combination of sharp, pointy tips and lightweight needle sounds perfect! (Ravelry name: Diplodocus)


you know i'm not a DPN girl but fixed circs? i'm there. the tips really look great and i love hearing that they're a bit grippy. how's the cable on them?


I have seen reviews of these needles a few times lately and the feedback has all been positive which makes me want to try them. It would be great to try one before considering buying a kit. Ravely name is fish2166. PS I enjoy your blog and the links to your favorite blogs.


I'm am green (purple, blue black, red, orange..whatever color) with envy....I own ONE dp set of these and they are my favorite favorite needles (and believe me, over the years I have collected quite an array of needles).....I look for projects that use my #4 dp (which is rather hard to find sometimes....right now they are making tiny hats for that Seamens church charity project) because i love them so. (and you are so right...sexy, they are!) thanks to Knitters Pride--and you-- for such a great offering.


I'd love to try them! I've never tried knitters pride before and would love to knit with them myself! My rav name is Junglewife.


hmmm...i'd never heard of these before now. of course, i'm always using dpns and trying new ones. someone'll finally design the best ones someday.

Anna E

I used to be totally committed to wooden needles, whether straight or circular, but then I listened to knitters recommending needles made from other materials and gave a few others a whirl. Wow, there is life beyond wood! For that reason I'd love to give these a whirl to see if I can add to my list of needles to love. Ravelry name: Annabanna


I would love to win, the needle. I had the fixed needle and was trying it out on socks. So far loved it, but my new puppy got at it and now it is all chewed up.


Ohhhh, they do look sexy! DPN's frighten me but I love knitting with circulars. I would be thrilled to try the Karbonz.


Ooh I would love some real quality needles. Time to feel like a grown-up knitter. I'd use these on my long haul flight from toronto to Canberra, Australia.


I would love to try them. I have recently become a fan of knitting with circular needles. I use the tiny 9" size 2 to make baby hats with sock yarn.


Oooh I would love to try these needles in fact I have been wanting to try knitting socks forever and if I had some of these needles I would have no exscuse not too from the way they sound. can't wait until the drawingggggg.

Kelli Wentz

I was just overhearing someone talking about Karbonz and how much they liked them better than bamboo. It piqued my curiosity and I would love to try them. Ravelry name: kwentz


Very interested in learning how to knit with dpns...would be great fun to try with these gorgeous needles! Ravelry name: kiyo57.


Amy S

I want to actually complete a lace shawl - a knitted lace shawl. I can't find a point that is good enough to go where it needs to go and not split my yarn fumbling for position. I need something with a bit of grip but not so much where I can't slide my yarn when necessary and I need a join that won't snag my yarn every time it travels over... I have a sneaking suspicion that these are it and I'd love for you to prove me right!!

Anne Marie

I've heard GREAT things about these needles. Would love to try them. Rav amchart


I'd love to have these needles just to feel that knitting has entered the space era!
My Ravelry name is JohnSunday


These look beautiful! I've only been knitting for about a year and even though I've inherited a few sets of needles from my mom, my DPN collection is slim. I'm on a student budget and I just can't justify splurges like Karbonz, but it would be a real treat to knit on new needles! My Ravelry name is apigula


wow these look really interesting and I would love to try them out. (tcufrogrn) ravelry name


I have tried other Knitters's Pride circulars and liked them, but haven't tried the Karbonz, and I certainly would like to give them a go. My Rav name is jchant.


what a lovely set of needles they are! ~ am just fixing to start knitting socks and these look perfect ! Ravelry name :pinkbee


I don't know where I've been, but I've never heard of Karbonz needles. I love the look of them, especially the pointy tips, very important when knitting lace I think.
Thanks for such a great giveaway.
I'm 1tims on Ravelry.


I have been drooling over these needles for the past couple of months! I tried a set of the double pointed needles at a group meeting a while back and ever since they have been weighing heavily on my mind. I haven't tried the fixed circular but I'm more than willing to take that chance!


I do have one fixed circular Karbonz needle and what I like about it is the pointy tip and yes, how sexy they look! I haven't tried the DPNs yet, but I want to! (Maryzona on Ravelry)


I would love to try these. I appreciate when I am knitting that the needles are not heavy especially when the product you are knitting lends itself that way. It enables me to perhaps have a better handle on the project. These look like a dream and my hands would probably not hurt also.

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