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Amanda Keeys

I have never tried eucalan! I quite like Soak wash for my knits though. Holy cow to that scarf of lorix5 - sooo beautiful. Glad you shared the link.


I love that you take the time to link to so many wonderful sites, my world expands with joy each time I click.


Lovely loves and virtual tour projects/items. You always find such beautiful things.


It's the first time I hear about Wrapture....interesting. Maybe it will come to France some day?
Thank you for all these beautiful links. Your post is my sunday treat :)


Such a lovely post Andi ~ you are always so inspiring!


Oh so many fun and exciting new things to try. I have to go back and visit all your links. Thank you for sharing the link to my scarf! I noticed a lot of sales today :) Thank you again.


Your love link to Fringe Supply inspired me to add a Bento Bag to my to-sew list. And the link to December prompts -- well, I did the first one in an art journal/Smash book sort of notebook and plan to do the whole month! I definitely need practice writing and getting past the fear of the blank page. Thanks for the tips - have the best week!


Eucalan is my favorite wool wash, I find that it's the least static inducing. I love how it smells as well!

You always have the most interesting tea cups :) I think I need to go out and buy another one.


thank you for the great review, i think i need some grapefruit smelling woollies :) and i think i would love to come knit with you (and your cookies and tea) as well! (and nicole!) i'm off to meet anu...
thank you so much for the link love, i'm so happy you like the scarf cowl! and what a great idea rebecca had!
off to watch the video now.
another wonderful post of sharing, thank you dearheart.


precious mother and daughter video. and so incredibly talented. love.


Crikey, even your washing up bucket is lovely! Mine will never make it on film and does double duty as the emergency sick bucket when the children are ill.

Another delightful post. It is wise to have many loves.

Thanks for participating in the Taking a Great Shawl Photograph post. You are generous with the love Andi.


These are great little treat for yourself.


Sweet sweet video. But criminy, that crochet thread is TINY!

Thank you for posting it. :)


i am going to check out if it is possible to get hold of that aucalan wash online. never heard of it before, thank you so much for the tip and also for all those lovely links : ))

enjoy your tea and sweets dear Andi,



So many lovely things! You're so sweet for mentioning my hat! I'm actually having A LOT of fun with this challenge. :)

I use Eucalan too, but only the unscented. I always worry scented stuff will be too strong and perfume-y. I'm going to have to look into getting those little packets so I can try out the other scents---that grapefruit really does sound refreshing and lovely.


I love the eucalan lavenderand uuse it for all my gentle washes and knits. I'll have to check into grapefruit!


Thanks so much for the Fringe Supply mention, Andi.


Love the loves Andi!

Donna @Allthingsming

Andi..I make that tomato and onion sauce with butter every year for Christmas Eve with my homemade gnocchi. It is a family favorite for about 20 some years now. Any questions just ask me. I learned it from Marcella Hazan....her cook books are amazing.

PS...I too have the coffee mug addiction!

Loves ya!


Those chocolates are addicting fyi. And yes - Eucalan is amazing! I love it soooo much. It makes handwashing that much more enjoyable. And now I am off to find those chocolates and that tea at the grocery store :)

harmony and rosie

I'm a huge fan of Eucalan but didn't know it came in all those 'flavours'. I hope you're keeping warm, it's starting to get pretty chilly here .. such a great time to be knitting!!
Thank you for all the lovely links, I'm off to put the kettle on before I click away!

Annie @ knitsofacto

I love your lists of loves ... I shall be back later to follow all the links, I just need more time! If only we could knit that!

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