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back atcha girl. i don't remember seeing any cross stitch recently - can't wait to see what you have cooked up. and that last post of the year - tease!


Merry Christmas to you too Andi. xoxoxoxoxo


Dearest Andi
I do love your fabulous posts, thanks for mentioning me, such a sweet surprise seeing my name in this post. I have just completed my niece's cardigan fir Christmas and now need to block and sew it all up, hooray for finishing it, such a relief. I know what you mean about just knitting for pleasure, I have treated myself to some lovely sock yarn for knitting after all the festivities are over. Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas filled with light and joy xox Penny


Oh boy, am I good at wish lists. I always serve one up for Christmas to my mum and brother + a separate one for the husband.
Yes, there is a big difference between giftkniting and pleasure knitting. I had to.make two last minute gifts and it took me days to finish a second fingerless mitt. Didn't help I've been watching Vampire Diaries at the same time.

harmony and rosie

Hi Andi, I always look forward to your links and yarny pics. Wishing you a happy Christmas, I can't believe this year has flown by so quickly either. Happy festivities.
Kate xox


Merry Christmas Andi. It is a thrill to be as busy as a whirlwind before Christas but I too am looking forward to making to enthusiasms rather than lists. I am a little weary of folding space and time...bring forth the emptiness of post Christmas. May the day be a joy for you.


VERY Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to you! If you find any of the lost days of this year, please send them along to me as well! WHOOSH! I still am wondering how 2013 is almost done.

Have a fantastic holiday!


Oh what lovely projects! I understand knitting for the sake of knitting - I need to get back to that also. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!


Merry Christmas Andi! I'm looking forward to many of the things you are: family time, pleasure knitting, finishing more things in your lovely group's knit-alongs :) Thanks for the charm you bring us.


Pleasure knitting is a perfect way of wording it! I know exactly what you mean!


Merry Christmas, Andi!!!

Plans and ideas!!! Can't wait!!! :)


dear andi, sending love and hugs to you, christmas is almost here!
i love sweet grace too (she's a dear friend too) and love her cover of you and i.

AND...something came in the mail today. ANDI!! you! honestly!

Donna @Allthingsming

A very very Merry Christmas to you dear sweet one! Looking so forward to spending the upcoming year sharing creativity! Thank you for being so wonderful and awesome and sharing it with us!

My Christmas day plans include sitting on the couch in pjs all day and some sever downtime! (with tons of yarn all around me) this month went way to fast and a bit out of holiday control, making and giving I couldn't even document it. Blogging had to be put side burner this month so looking forward to getting back ...

Biggest love to you and yours


Merry Christmas Andi! Have a wonderful day and maybe some new yarn!!! Always a delight to read you! xxx

Juniper Grace

Ohmygoodness! What a wonderful surprise seeing my video here! THANK YOU! I think you are simply lovely :)

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