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that blanket is to die for! i can't wait to hear that it's with its recipient.

love that scarf too - the subtle gradient is perfect for that pattern


Lovely fiber work going on here.


Beautiful photos and projects as always! Enjoy this Sunday! The Homespun podcast seems good! I'll watch it while I exercise!


the blanket is so pretty! I just love the idea behind it so much. Knitters are such great friends, aren't they! I have the christmas music on non stop over here, knitting is coming along nicely, which reminds me I need to post some photos to the kal thread.. hope you have a merry week!

harmony and rosie

I love your blanket Andi, something that will definitely be cherished. Thank you for all your links, I must come back and search them out.
Happy knitting x


fingers have definitely been flying at your house!!! lovely projects...lucky recipients.


How have you not started knitting with the sock yarn?!? Good self control :)


looks like your knitting plate is full of goodness. I'm knitting little projects but am more interested in starting bigger ones-soon, very very soon!


I'm totally in awe of how much you've gotten accomplished so far this season and it isn't even over yet!

Caffeine Girl

This is a great time of year to be a knitter, isn't it? You are knitting up a storm!


I love the comfort blanket! The mix of crochet and knit looks so good :)

Donna @Allthingsming

I am so hard core crocheting rightnow i havent been able to blog between that and the kids coming home form college and family visiting i feel like Buddy the Elf when he decorates the toy shop in Gimbles in the movie ...I am on Elf hyper speed. Also while my hands are busy working I am mas completely addicted to all the sappy Christmas movies.
Be well friend!
ps ..I love all the knit loveliness!


Festive post, Andi! I can't wait to get my mitts on a cup of hot tea with a red wine chaser and knit!


I recognize that yarn. I forget the post, but you linked to it and they did a fish lip heel. I drove myself mad looking for it. Thanks for having the label in the picture!


What a lovely post. Glad to hear the KAL is still strong. I may join again after first of the year. I am also IN LOVE with that scarf you have on your needles :)

Annie @ knitsofacto

Gorgeous blanket Andi ... the colour's are so restful :)

You're clearly in a festive mood ... have a wonderful Christmas holiday m'dear x


Great post Andi ... Merry Christmas :)

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