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great use for that one random ball of angora tweed! when i find those types of balls in my stash it's one of two things - a non-knitter attempting to buy me a thoughtful gift or something i bought very early on in my knitting when i thought "oh beautiful" without any thought for what i might actually make with it.


I agree your coasters are very clever- Have a lot of scrap yarn this will be a perfect project. I too love the lovely "Lori" stole- beautiful. My favorite tea is the Yogi Vanilla Hazelnut ...the little quotes are always inspiring.
Have a lovely week Andi


Those coasters are cute! Hm, It's a good idea to use up stash yarn. I probably should do that too! (Says the knitter who just put a new order in the online yarn shop :-s)

Lori's stole is amazing, so is Brambles Bear! I knitted the Briar Bunny of Amanda 4 times as a gift and each time I had a hard time giving them away! :)


I'm also trying to knit from my stash more and I'm finding it way more liberating than I thought. I was expecting to feel like it was holding me back, and instead I'm all "Look at the great yarn I have in here!" So much fun.

Also, I love your tea mug. Those branches are just perfect.


Beautiful loves Andi!

My year has started "interestingly" but despite all that, my resolutions and goals are right on target. Which makes life so much better ... don't you think?

As for those random skeins I have in my stash -- I'm finding out this winter that I don't have enough hats or mittens, that's what I'll be doing with some of those. Your coasters are simple, practical and beautiful. Great way to use up that random skein. Happy Sunday!!!


I love to see what you're working on! The coasters are so simple but so pretty... those socks are perfect for battling the winter doldrums... Lori's stole is to die for! So delicate and beautiful!

Loved the story... I'll keep on weaving and perfecting my craft and maybe some day it will save me from peril!

And lastly, thank you for the Andi-bump! You are indeed a kind and compassionate friend.
: )


ooooh, that pink yarn looks sweet like candy.

thanks for the shoutout! you're a sweetheart.

i saw kate's post this morning about their new shop and couldn't resist one of her woven wool scarves. it is mine. all mine. :)


What fabulous yarn you're using. I love the heathers in it. The coaster shot is terrific.


Lori's stole is just perfect. I'm still looking for the right match for a skein of yarn I have. But that stole is closer to what I'm looking for.

Thanks for sharing such fun finds!


Love the coasters, something I do with little bits I come across.


You always have the most interesting posts/links Andi...thank you for widening my world.
Love your coasters, so pretty.


Love the coasters - they remind me that our main living space needs some tables. Must work on that :)


oh what cute little coasters! i am so inspired to try crochet more this year, maybe i could make these too! i love all your links too andi, that bear! and the stitching! beautiful etsy shops and i followed mandarine to her ravelry page, a new inspiring friend! now i'm off to watch the video, thank you for sharing, i always love these posts so much. and thank you too for including me, you are the most lovely friend. xxx lori


i hope it's okay if i say thank you to camilla, sallock, kate and audry, i so appreciate the kind words! thank you very much!

Amanda Keeys

I just came from Lori's blog and her amazing stole! I am in awe of it... such beautiful delicate knitting.
Sooo what socks are you knitting? Your coasters are adorable too. That tweedy yarn looks scrumptious. I didn't make ANY goals, so I can safely say I'm on track ;)
(p.s you're so sweet to link to me!).


Ah yes Lori's shawl is an absolute wonder, so beautiful it is almost not of this world. Great first loves of the year. I am feeling on track too, although a little behind on documenting it all.


tea messages are just the best. Looks like you have pretty projects for January while we watch the snow fly.

Liz in Missouri, USA

Love your coasters. I'm with you on kind of a "stash-down" this year. Over the weekend I did a sort and organize so that I could get my mind around what I have in able to make what I want. Good Times!
I also love your "Loves" posts. I agree with Tracey in Thanks for widening my world, too.


I'm completely in love with the yarn you're knitting socks with and Lori's shawl???? I'm in awe. ; )

Mr. Puffy

Is it me or did you change the format of your blog? It looks beautiful and reminds me I ought to update my look (one of these years LOL). It's funny you mention compassion because that's something I'm striving to be more myself. Love that stole - wow her photos are gorgeous! Have yet to watch a podcast so apparently I don't know what I'm missing there :) Have a great week Andi!


Oh I love your coasters AND cup (how pretty is it?). And those future socks - that pink!
Thanks for sharing, always a pleasure to find new pretty blogs and talented ladies (but would also love to have 5 extra hours a day to keep up with all of them!)


I, too, am trying to knit from my stash this year. So far it's been amazing..."oh yarn, I remember you and you wanted to be a sweater back when...Now you will be X" All kinds of new imaginings and so much fun!


I so look forward to casting on socks! For now, we have our little girl to take care of! Yours will be pretty for sure. So are your blue coasters!

Dayana Knits

Coasters! Brilliant. I have these lacquered coasters which are immensely irritating as when they get hot, they stick to the teacup. I refuse to buy coasters, so thanks to you, I am off to knit them! Bonus: stash buster, woohoo.


Sweet Sweet Andi...I'm not sure if I love you or loath you when you do posts such as this!!! It just adds to my list of must do's!!! Ahh I cant keep up! Too much beauty! Ok since beauty is the word here i have decided to love you on this matter!How could i not;-)


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