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Love the colours....intrigued by what your wips might be

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

It's so true I think that knitting makes you appreciate all the colours. I think maybe it's the time you get to look at the yarn while you knit. Seeing all the subtle variations in the strands and combining colours for happy combinations!

S x


To me, color is where it all begins! I love what you share -- always so timely and thoughtful.


Gorgeous photos, as usual! (Although that stack of blues is definitely calling my name!)


Beautiful photo's Andi! When I read the word woolly it made me think how differently I look at wool today~ Before becoming a knitter the word wool made me itch & scratch! Now, I find myself drawn to all the beautiful colors & textures of wool~
Love the quote from EZ & the links to new to me blogs was a fun way to enjoy my morning coffee~



You certainly are indeed!


Color...my bff, and knitting-such therapy for the heart and soul. The softness, smell and texture of yarn- even the itchy of wool sometimes is so wonderful. Lovely images today- you make it all looks o delish, Andi.


what a lovely post….i did sort of have to laugh; i have been thinking along the same lines----my knitting baskets are full of color, yet i wear little besides grey black and ivory….an occasional pop of something in a scarf, maybe. (I give a LOT away!!!!! the joy of knitting--feeds that inner need for color)


beautiful photos! that's part of what I love about yarn crafts... the colours!


Hi Andi! Nice to meet you. That quote is brilliant and I will bear it in mind next time I curse over a dropped stitch.

I love to see what kinds of colours and palates other yarn-lovers choose, it fascinates me. Yours are beautiful.

Gillian x


Seeing your stash is just making me itch to play in mine. Once the new bookcase is installed, I'll be cavorting with wool once again.

I didn't know you didn't like blue as much. (Or maybe I did and I forgot) Why is that?


I do love your photos Andi and seeing all the pretty wool makes my heart happy.


Oh I love that EZ quote!


Ah, as always a fresh look at the world. Love Cherry Lane's wintry landscapes. Your collection of blues is sublime.

Nina - tabiboo

Hi Andi and what a lovely post. I'm rubbish at knitting but your yarn basket is so inspiring....for the love of all things woolly.

Nina x


During these very cold, bleak days of winter here on the east coast, it is warming to see your lovely post, Andi!

Annie @ knitsofacto

All lovely, but it's the naturally coloured yarns in the second shot that are calling loudest to me. About 30% of my stash is all the colours of the rainbow, the other 70% is greys and natural, neutral colours. No idea why they appeal to me most.

Thank you so much for joining as a January guest poster Andi :)


All those blues just make my heart sing!


What a beautiful collection of colourful wool! I can't wait to see what it is you are knitting with it. I think the red is calling my name today.


What an amazing collection of colour. I used to limit my knowledge of wool to only "natural" colours until I realized that you can get as bright as neon if you wanted to :)


Hello! Love your blog, I can definitely get me fix for all things woolly here....be back soon! :) x

The Sewing Wren

Hi Andi, one of the little sayings in your blog hit a cord with me as I read it... so so true!
Love your collection of yarn too!

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