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ordinarily, i'm right with you on the simpler summer-everything...but this summer? what's with me??? I have a lace/cable LARGE scarf/shawl in the works...as well as another lace/cabled AFGHAN (!!!!) with another afghan in mind that I sort of can't wait to start. I must be sick. (I better go sit down under the fan and knit a bit.)


I am a newer knitter (this is only my second summer as a knitter), but I am liking the idea of finishing projects during the summer. I am a teacher and I find it hard to knit during the school year because so much of my time is consumed by school work and my responsibilities there. This summer I am trying to finish some projects that have been on my needle for about a year. I'm also knitting my first pair of socks right now and loving how they are coming together.

Happy Summer Knitting!


I'll sit down right beside you and whine about the heat too Andi, I am so ready for winter ;)


Oh I do so love the shawl- lovely earth tones. WE have been eating some great salads this year- lots of fresh new produce to add, we have the best farmers market- makes it fun to eat and enjoy. Fresh Prince- high school- love :)


Beautiful stripey projects! Those socks are such bright and summery colors, love them. And your shawl is gorgeous! It has grown a lot :)


Another "I hate the heat" whiner checking in! LOLOL! This year though, I've challenged myself to get out more despite the heat, so who knows, maybe I'll stop praying for Fall to get here soon. :D

As for projects, I'm usually a easy, breezy portable project person when it gets hot but I'm working on my mood blanket which is a giant now, and a couple of shawls, my first pair of socks (yes, still working on them) and my first adult sweater! With those types of projects, I see lots of days in front of the a/c with plates of fruit salad, watermelon slices and cucumber lemonade. :D


I'm never happy when the hotter months roll around either. Since I spend most of my day indoors, though, under the blasting AC, I actually end up knitting larger and more elaborate things in the summer! Around May or June the itch to knit some fantastically complex shawl always hits, and it's not hard for me to cave.


For me, it's the weight of the yarn that's most important. The size of the project runs a close second. That's why socks are perfect. There is no way you'd catch me knitting an aran or chunky weight sweater or blanket in the summer. It's just not happening, even if I'm in the air conditioning.

Just like you Arizonans might think it's cold at 30 or 40 degrees, we Michiganders think it's hot at anything over 80. (At least this one does.)


I only love the summer months because the days are longer so I can get a run in after work without worrying about it getting dark too soon. I definitely do not like the heat though. Makes the running brutal!

I'm knitting up some easy, quick projects this summer but I do have one scarf that is a lace pattern that is proving to be a lot more time-consuming, if not more difficult, than my other projects. It's gorgeous so far though but I think it's going to take me all summer to knit!


I am all about simple socks and lace shawls in the summer. I'm going to try and mix it up this year, though, and knit a sweater (or at least a good chunk of it) since I know I'll be happy I did when fall rolls around. I tend to over-plan my summers and then not get nearly as much done as I anticipated, so I'm also trying not to do that. I'll probably cast on a dozen things, but if I only manage to finish a few pairs of socks, I guess that's okay :)


I hate the heat but lucky at the moment coz it is winter here so lapping up the cold cold lol Oh love your socks again, well all of your knitting. And in warmer months I knit/crochet simple things and usually right near the aircon lol


my knitting is so sporadic due to the son being home for the summer, so a stitch here and there or a row here and there is all I can accomplish. That is fine with me, he leaves in the fall and I'll have all the time in the world.


I love knitting but I'm more of a spinner in the summer (the TdF helps as well). Oddly enough I've picked a very warm scarf project for this summer... I also love to knit socks, but I can't right now because I keep making mistakes because I'm watching the world cup :P

Your shawl is beautiful!


First off, your projects are beautiful as well as you photography of them.
I am a new sock knitter and have knit a bunch of them yet--but the pair I have on my needles I love taking with me on the go. I have a couple of shawls/scarfs going too--but yes, I too like simpler patterns. I am totally going to check out your recipes--I love simple food after using my slow cooker all winter, I am looking to change up my recipes for couple of months. I work until 6:30, so easy is best!

Caffeine Girl

I'm with you on the simpler cooking. We don't have AC, so salad becomes extremely attractive on these hot, humid days!

I try not to whine too much about the heat. I actually think that we acclimate better because we don't have AC.

However, I tend to read more complex stuff in the summer because it's so hard for me to focus during the school year.


That is the classic song! Love it. Girl, I love that grey and white!


It's weird, but most of my WIPs at the moment are sweaters. Granted, they are sport of fingering weight sweaters. But still. It seems like I was working on only socks in winter.

I love your Mike and Sully yarn. It's adorable.


Let's make a anti-heat group Andi! I love the *idea* of summer! but actually hate the heat....
As for my knitting, I usually knit big projects in summer as I have more time during the holidays


I'm the same way! In the winter I want to buckle down with tougher stuff, but during the summer I want easy and portable for those summer days lounging in the grass and summer nights around the campfire.


Lovely post Andi :) I am so glad that you like my pasta salad recipe! And I love your knitting. Those blue stripes on the socks are stunning as always.
In regards to your question, I always prefer stockinette stitch. If you knit in the round, it just makes life easier!


Love that stripe study. And that song. :)


I just put up my new favorite summer recipe on my blog yesterday ...zucchini, tomatoes, onions high heat saute and olive oil ...some bread some cheese...fresh mozz...Labneh ...Chevre Goat...what ever your heart desires!...easy peasy! Yes summer means easy travel projects!

Pia @ Noget Uldent

I can't believe I had never heard that tune before. Thank you for sharing it. Here summer equals plenty of thunderstorms, perfect so far for sitting inside and spinning. I'm inbetween knitting projects right now and trying to decide what to do next, so many possibilities.


hi andi! i'm loving all your projects and i would also like to dive into that bowl of tomatoes! we're enjoying kale, lettuce & green onions from our garden, but the tomatoes are the size of golf balls...all in good time :)
we love a recipe we call summer saute...everything from the garden except mushrooms...zucchini, tomatoes, onion, garlic & basil, throw it all in a skillet with a little evoo simmer till tender & enjoy with a dusting of parm & a chunk of crusty bread. meat lovers can brown italian sausage & throw that in the pot & simmer til no longer pink~ dang, now i'm hungry!
hope you're enjoying the summer my friend



I couldn't agree with you more. Simple knits, shawls and socks please. And I want to eat all the lovely seasonal colors of summer. Your projects look beautiful and so does that tomato that looks like a watermelon!

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