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My favourite color is Buttercups. I think this pairs very well with Ensign, I see a striped summer lace shawl... maybe with a small touch of Emerald City!


Well, you had me at Ceridwen sock yarn being a Welshman's daughter. And then I saw the Beowulf sweater...I love anything named after a saga! But the colour way I like best is Emerald City. You wouldn't forget a colour like that.


Ooh Black Dahlia looks gorgeous :) , although the Ensign looks a bit like tardis blue which is always cool :D


Beautiful yarn (I need to spend more time on their web site) and I think my favorite colorway is Arianrhod--a very green blue.

Kati Kleinke

Bazinga! Looks great! I love the combination of different shades of pink together with yellow! Wow!


This yarn looks amazing! While I am a huge fan of the Ensign colorway, I have to admit that Bazinga! is my favorite.

You did a wonderful job on the Snow Queen jacket. Was it very hard to knit? I have to admit that I've never knitted a jacket before. :)


I really like the transitional pack in nocturne. It would make a beautiful cowl!


I love the color and the yarn looks so squishy soft!! I would love to give it and the book a home.

Kristin H.

I love the color of that yarn! My favorite colorway is probably True Blood, but I really love Bittersweet, too.


It all looks lovely! If I had to choose a favourite it would be Around Midnight on Brigit Lace. It will be interesting to see the other choices. Mia


Love the Ceridwen in Fathom and in Vamp! Gorgeous.


What a wonderful pattern book! I love the Gray Goose colorway! {and the peacock, butternut and so many more!}
Thanks for the opportunity.


Dusk is my favourite colour

helen ridley

Oh its got to be Bazinga! for me!!! And "wooly wonka"?? Seriously the BEST name for a company!!! You did a beautiful job on the Snow Queen jacket!

sheila b

I love them all but if I had to pick one it would be spice. No seafoam. Wait no thorn apple... maybe I can't pick just one ;-)


Wow! Kudos to you on that gorgeous sweater! I really love the blue you used.


Oak Leaves Aetrten Sock is absolutely gorgeous!


Amazing job on the Snow Queen jacket! What a labor of love.

The spice colorway would make a beautiful autumn accessory. ::swoon::


oh that yarn looks amazing!!! so does the book! Thanks for a chance to win!!


My favourite is the Bazinga! colourway :)


The Bazinga! sock yarn is desperately gorgeous.


What beautiful yarn and beautiful patterns. The sample you made is so pretty!!!


I can't seem to choose between black daliah and dusk, both are stunning. I love the details in Anne's work. Thank you for offering the giveaway :)


hard choice!! but i think i'm going to have to say

Bazinga! - Ceridwen

Angie S.

So hard to choose a favorite! I would have to say Dusk - Ceridian which is a stunning, complex purple. Love it!

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