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great yarn choice for Wapiti - the subtle variation will go so well with the two textures.

now as for those etsy finds - i see what you're trying to do. you're trying to get us to buy those lovelies to save yourself from buying them.

sneaky. very sneaky ;)


What a lovely shawl Andi, I hope all is well. I really need to update my blog, I have so much going on to talk about.
But anyways, I love all of your projects and yarn - the simplicity of the colors goes so well with the projects.


Knitting with yarn spun from clouds has to be one of the best descriptions I have ever heard, it's beautiful!


The Sealing Wax Malabrigo is the prettiest red ever! You take such great photos, Andi.


Sealing Wax is pretty. It's appropriately named and reminds me of those wax socks and S seal I have. You make me crave shawls and socks. I plan to treat myself to a crescent shawl pattern one of these days by the ninth month. And I think I may have found some new blogs to follow, not like my blog roll is long enough. Have a lovely Sunday.


1.Love the name of the yarn Sealing wax!
2.There is nothing like knitting with Malabrigo which is why I am having such a hard time with my recent socks on the needles.The last pair was I used Malabrigo.
3.My sock yarn stash just grew..I visited the etsy shop Knitsomniacdesign and scooped up some new yarns!

Stay cool...coconut water copious amounts!


I really love that Malabrigo Sealing Wax! Dynamite.
At this time of year, I so seldom get on the computer and even less often do I visit blogs, but such a treat stopping in here. Have a beautiful summer.


I love both patterns- the drape and the simplicity of the lines! So now I'll be adding more patterns on my to do list :)


Angus & Julias first album is one of my absolute favourites ever.

I've never knitted with Malabrigo. This seems like something that needs to be rectified.


Beautiful yarns! In your hands it will turn magically into art. Your post is packed with great things. The links are lovely, thank you Andi!


Your shawl is going to be beautiful. I had to pin that pattern immediately! Love the links you shared too. What fun!


These posts really invigorate me as knitter...I especially love the new sock love post. It makes me want to cast on a new pair right now.


What a great post full of goodies.
Wow...that sealing wax photo. Love Malabrigo lace - I have 2 skeins of Garnet that might do the trick



Love the beautiful shawl pattern and the Wapiti pattern- so very pretty. Wonderful and fun recourses to today I am off to check out that new sock pattern.
Stay cool in the heat- have a great weekend.


so inspring, each and every one of the links! i never thought to dry the little hearts, will you remind me next spring? (lol)
all your knitting is beautiful andi : ) over a year later, i finished my lala shawl!!!! it's blocking as we speak yea!
wishing you a great week andi xoxo


Oh Andi that shawl pattern is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it finished.


yesterday my iPhone woke me with an alert that my traffic was unusually high on my blog, and I thought... ah hah! the magic of Andi! Thank you so much for linking my pattern and blog, you are a sweetie. And speaking of sweet, malabrigggggooooo! It IS like a cloud and I could curl up in it and take a long nap! Now I'm off to queue and save all those links. have a great week! kate


Mmmm... Malabrigo.

Your post reminds me that I have two whole cakes of Malabrigo Lace that have been sitting at the bottom of my stash for years! Time to go find a project for them!


I love your loves of July! Your Wapiti is going to be truly lovely, your choice of pinks just kill me! I also loved reading your interview over at Knit2together, so interesting and helpful for new bloggers :) Wishing you a wonderful week Andi! xoxo


The universe has shifted again. I've started knitting monogamously, so someone had to go back to knitting all the things.


I need to get back into drying flowers for notes! It is not much work, but such a nice touch. And now I have Malabrigo lace on my to knit with list.


Andi, you aren't going to believe this but I just discovered Angus and Julia Stone myself this past week!!! Actually I was searching for something with The Civil Wars (so sad they aren't together anymore - boo) and came across Angus and Julia! A small universe ;)


Great links, as always.


I'm so glad I got over my boo-boo feelings of my first ever sweater not being perfect (silly I know!) cause right now I'm so excited about so many current and future projects. I'm glad I didn't give up on knitting because the first different thing I tried didn't work out as I hoped. That would just be silly, and applies to many other things in life too.

I'm also really glad I decided to try to see if I could knit from an English language pattern (chevron blanket). It's funny cause I have a degree in English language, but that really doesn't help much as the knitting terminology makes up a language of it's own!

And also, I'm super glad I live in North Europe, all the way in Finland, where cold months make up the majority of the year, meaning that I can easily use whatever I decide to knit :)

Have a great weekend!



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