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I so enjoy coming to visit and seeing all your gorgeous pictures of lovely things! Hope you are having a great long weekend!


The starting colors on your sock yarn blanket are gorgeous! I can't wait to see this project progress.


Your photos are mouth watering yummy goodness Andi! Beautiful projects :) I really would like to know where this month has gone ... it has flown. Have a wonderful day.


Lovely post today- and yes I feel that August flew by too quickly. SO many pretty projects you have going on, love the pretty colors. Great links- I enjoyed visiting.
Have a most wonderful September Andi!


wait!! wait!!!!! there are still a couple more hours in August.....and I've got a ton I need to squeeze into them!!!!!! :)
loving all the projects (and new yarn) you have going.....so hard to resist another cast on, but I'm trying to be loyal to all the stuff I've already committed to.....especially the hitofude. Thanks for mentioning us....you know, we're very very informal here---still plenty of time to cast on.


You always showcase eye magnet yarn. I want to steal that last one from you. It is up my alley. You are so thoughtful and sweet to mention and link other bloggers. I see good karma sprinkling down upon your head.


I love your loves; thank you so much for sharing. Here's to good friends who are with us through thick and thin, the closing of one chapter and the opening of another and as always, yarn crafting that always takes us to our happy place. Happy Labor Day!!!


Oh, August has flown by, I'm still in denial that we're down to the last few hours. I admire your gusto in casting on for another sock blanket, they are so beautiful but I don't know that I would ever have what it takes to ever finish one myself. I am so happy you got to welcome more treasures into your home, be it snail mail (that yarn!), or a beautiful bouquet of roses :) Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, Andi, thank you for sharing all your loves here today! xoxo


Cute little bowl full of yarn! I agree, a fun scrap blanket is just what you need! Looks like a great start. Thank you so much for the kind welcome back, I've missed blogging so much!


Lovely gifts, especially all the beautiful yarns! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos and all the links you love with us!


I knit all day yesterday and the day before and guess what? when I get off this computer I'm going to knit again. Moving the kids took the whole month of August now it's time to sink back into my little life and fibery goodness :)


Yes it went by so fast! I still can't believe it's September already! Lovely post as always :)


You are surrounded by so much love Andi, and I am so glad you are always passing it off to your readers in such lovely posts. I think that your current knit projects are gorgeous and just the right pick me up for the coming fall weather. :)


What a fun post Andi! I didn't realize you had a group going on Ravelry. I'm a little late for the KAL but I've joined anyway and hopefully it will inspire me to finish up a few of mine :) As always your "loves" are a treat and how you find all these amazing bloggers is a wonder to me. I really need to go through your sidebar sometime when I have the time to really enjoy!


I am catching up on your lovely blog...it is late and to truly enjoy your monthly "loves" I must come back in the morning with my cappuccino...bright eyed and with a credit card in hand for I always seem to end up buying something! So now I will sleep and dream of all the lovelies that wait for me! A bit dramatic but, hey that is what fiber love does to me!


Finally caught up on your recent posts, and definitely agree that August flew by! It doesn't help that school starts soon either :P. I loved the links you posted, and I am almost tempted to buy that adorable hedgehog needle holder despite not being a cross stitcher or a sewer :D


Thank you for all of the great blog suggestions, I'm always looking for more folks to follow.


Beautiful post! I always love to see what you're working on. And thank you so much for your lovely compliment on my shawl! (And for mentioning my shop!) What a pleasant surprise! :)


That yarn looks scrumptious! I love the gray loop pattern!

Miss Manitas

Supercute yarns!!


Your August loves are lovely Andi :)


Wow - September already! Where has this year gone?
Hope you're having a great week :)


it did fly by! it looks as though you have gotten a brilliant start to september andi. i'm so glad you've enjoyed the shetland trip!

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