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You can never have to many projects -----------well, I guess you CAN, but it doesn't look like you DO! The red shawl is SUCH a gorgeous color.


i love all your pink projects! xo


love visiting every weekend and seeing your eye candy. Have a happy knitting weekend!


Oh how I hope Jillian reaches a great amount. We have had cancer right in our tiny home as well and it is no fun at all. We are members of the Danish cancer foundation now!

With regards to your knitting, as long as you are okay with your number of WIPs, you don't have too many. I find that I get too many after about 2-3 WIPs, my friend can have 20 before it gets to her...


A friend of mine gave me a shirt that says "Queen of Unfinished Projects". I wore it yesterday to the shop where I knit since I knew my friend who bought it for me would be there. Someone else asked how many projects I had on the needles. I told them that I did not know for sure. When I came home I gave some thought to it and I posted on my blog - "It's true. And I am okay with it and not apologizing for it. Its who I am". I feel pretty good about it as I cast on another little shawlette today!

Go for it!


Actually, I think you DID cast on all the things. :) But that's part of the fun!


Oh I love that sock yarn! I want! Whatever makes you happy, just do it. What a talented woman with polymer clay.


Oooh I want to know what the red shawl pattern is.

I have shawl fever at the moment.


It doesn't matter how many projects you have on your needles Andi, you are correct, it's all jus knitting.
If you are happy that is all that matters, enjoy.
Oh, and that pink number? Stunning!


Well, what a lovely cause. Maybe next paycheck I will pay it forward and help out a bit. As for knitting, I am diligently working on socks for my mom. With one job done, I have a bit more free time to do so.


Oh those wine em and dine em socks are going to be great you clever knitting lady you.....A lovely cause and touches so many of us....she is very clever with polymer clay


I agree with Pia and Tracey, As long as you are okay with the number of WiPs on your needles, then you have the perfect amount of WiPs - and yours are all looking so amazing! Can't wait to see your Wapiti off your needles though, it's so pretty :) Wishing you a wonderful first week of August! xoxo


When I first read the post title I thought it said "Knit All Things." ;) I don't get monogamous knitting. I wish I did. I wish I had more will power and could focus on starting and finish one project at a time but I like the variety. (I just have to be careful that I don't try to juggle more projects than I can handle.)

I hope Jillian reaches her goal. And I'm glad she (and you) are raising awareness. (I had never heard of this type of cancer.)


A basket of beauty and a good cause in one post. Thanks for sharing. I hope Jillian and the event raise awareness and some helpful funds.


It's okay to cast on all the projects, because all the projects are LOVELY! You always knit such pretty things - I am particularly loving those socks. The colourway is awesome :)


Feeling happy as i am able to knit...unhappy with a yarn i am working with but need i am going to muddle through it!
So many lovelies you have on needles!


Your WIPs all look amazing, can't wait to see the finished items! :-)

I currently have 1 pair of socks and 3 blankets on my hooks and needles. My plan is to finish all WIPs as soon as possible, and introduce a new "rule": to have only two WIPs at a time: one knit, one crochet.

But I've been drooling over all those gorgeous projects on Ravelry too and I know it's gonna be hard to stick by that rule. I wish there were more hours in a day... Or more days in a week. :-)

Brenda Cooper

Oh my God! I just got my stitch markers from Jillian and they are the cutest things possible!


Too many projects is a norm ^^
The pink yarn is adorable ;)


the pink black & white socks remind me of one of my favorite candies, good & plenty! love the basket your wip's are in :)
i have a finished project!!!!! the lala shawl that i started last summer is ready to throw around my shoulders...happy dance!! working on socks using malabrigo (love) gifted from ellen xo. it's a new pattern & i think you would like it~ it's diamond rib by kate lore~ knittergal on ravelry
hope you're having a great weekend andi!


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