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Thank you for the link to Woolful podcast! It is amazing.I do have more knitting time when I'm sick - this is the best excuse to stay all day in the house and get your husband to take care of you while knitting away. :)


It's nice to read that you are feeling better Andi and taking such good care of yourself. I am someone who is all about prevention, but am not always successful. I have had Graves Disease since my early twenty's so it is very important that I keep my immune system up.
I simply adore your new lavender yarn, a favorite color of mine.


Firstly, those top socks are gorgeous! Everyone in the blog world seems to be knitting Christmas-themed socks, and I may just be very tempted to buy myself some Christmas yarn so that I can join in!
In terms of when illness strikes, I tend to go into detox mode... herbal teas, honey in tea and on toast, and plenty of veggies... and once I am up and about again I deep clean as soon as possible - every room in the house gets cleaned within an inch of it's life! My boyfriend isn't well at the moment and so I may have spent the morning cleaning to create the healthiest environment possible!
(I add that I like a clean house anyway, just I go into overdrive when illnesses are around!)


Glad you're feeling better! I would love to know what that self stripping yarn is you're using in the first picture. Thanks!


Glad to hear you are finally feeling better. The sock knitting and all those lovely yarns must have helped a lot! And it's great that you're taking care of yourself, I know too many people (often myself included) that try to keep on going with normal life to not miss any work and ending up being sick much longer than necessary.


Glad you are feeling better and enjoying a good cuppa and light food certainly helps....I just spent the whole day sunday in bed...no knitting, no crochet...just hidden away bed day...lol


aging requires tending loving care and I do the same. I'm so glad you are feeling better and my, I haven't knit with beaverslide....yet but one day!


love those socks! nothing like bright pretty colors to make you feel better!
I usually watch a lot of movies when I'm sick, takes my mind of everything!
I do believe that food plays a vital role in how I feel on a daily basis, one dish I love when having a cold is rice cooked in veggie broth (risotto style), it's creamy, nurturing and deliciously hot :)

Veronica SnowflakeFaerie

It's always lovely to visit your blog! Love your knitting and ooooh such lovely yarn scraps!
At the moment I'm knitting for charity (socks and hats) with my own scraps and donation scraps... but I so want to knit a blanket one day!
Hope you are warm and happy knitting :) xoxo

Annie @ knitsofacto

So glad you're feeling better x

Given that I have a chronic health condition I really don't tend to myself enough. I know this but a husband, four (admittedly well on the way to all being independent) kids, and three aging parents to tend to there doesn't seem to be much time left to tend to me. You've reminded me that I really must try harder!


So glad you're feeling better Andi. I'm usually a maintenance mode person when I'm sick but for the new year I'm going to focus some more on prevention.

Love that you're nurturing yourself in ways that are important -- good food and knitting.


Be well! Feel better! I hope you took VERY good care of yourself with lots of TLC this weekend in between the knitting. :)


I have found over the past few years since I changed my diet and attitude that I am no longer getting sick nearly as often. But that doesn't keep me from knitting !


Those socks are so pretty! Like peppermints. :) I hope you feel better!


cant' wait to pop into those podcasts...thanks for listing!!! :) (love those socks!


Beautiful socks-love the coloring. It's not easy being sick- not very sporty about it- especially with my kids I have to tend too...doesn't leave much room for self care. I think knitting + tea is what makes me heal.
Glad you are feeling better :)


I wanna steal your sock yarn. I'm so sorry you're ill. On the news recently they're like the fly shot may not cover the strain going around this year but get one anyways. Uh, OK. I'm glad to read you have great distractions though. I actually had the flu earlier this year which better have strengthened my immune system. I always take vitamins and Emergen-C. However, I can get ruin down and may get sick if one of the girls is.


may I ask what is the yarn you are using on those socks?

Caffeine Girl

When I'm sick, I like to take to my bed with knitting and podcasts. And Cold Care PM tea...this stuff is amazing!


I drink a lot of liquids when I'm sick. I like umcka and tea and the occasional Emergency. I try to stay healthy via exercise and water. I could make some better eating choices ...

If I'm not too sick/congested, I definitely knit when I'm sick, it's just sometimes a lot slower.

I came down with a cold last night. So I'm feeling you. I hope this doesn't linger too long.


I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't been well. Hope your are completly healed by now :)
I'm completly jealous about all the beautiful yarn you are knitting! :D


Your sock scraps are great! I can't explain how much I look forward to your blanket progress. I know being sick sucks, but the eternal optimist can only see the "unlimited knitting time" side of things:).

B Casey

I notice you use the graphite needles. I have tried them but really find they snag on almost everything. Hate that. Maybe it's me??!!

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