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Dear Andi, thank you for your post, it really has made my day. I am not even supposed to read the net at the moment, because my exam is coming up in two weeks, but I could not resist (of course). I love your wonderful coloured yarns and your knitting pictures, and even more the Gaiman quotation which I copied at once. Do you know his commencement address which he made into a little book called Make Good Art? You can read about it here http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2013/05/14/make-good-art-neil-gaiman-chip-kidd/ , it is equally wonderful. And if you have not read his books, try it. Though I recommend starting with his childrens' books if you don't want to dive into complete strangeness at once!
Oh, now that is a long comment! Hope you don't mind. Keep up your beautiful blog and your cheerfulness and have a wonderful week! I'll have a look at your blog next Sunday, exam or not!


there definitely IS something about the new year....and everything looking fresh and inviting and challenging and new!!! Love all the goodies keeping you busy this week....me? I'm flitting among several, dropping down a few rabbit holes, and generally having a lovely time!!! Hope your week is equally as fun!


What a lovely idea to leave a little note in books! Sadly that doesn't work with an iPad...


WOW!! Thank you, so so much! I have plans to knit several designs in Anne's collection.
I love your idea of leaving handmade book marks in library books. I started listening to books as a way to "read" more. I enjoy reading and knitting, or walking, or cleaning the house, with a book as my companion. Thank you (and Anne), again, for the wonderful book of patterns.


Those bookmarks are such a brilliant idea! You probably made some people really happy with those :) Reading more is definitely one of my new year goals. Knitting has become my go to hobby, and everything else just comes in second place, which is a shame.


What a lovely way to spend your week, Andi!


Lovely post Andi. Loving the rainbow socks as usual. And I am sure that the recipient of your secret knit will love it !


Sounds like a wonderful week- I love the little notes- clever. Your knits look so colorful and fun- yes, definitely feeling of a fresh New Year.
Enjoy your Sunday.


Lovely post. Like you, I've challenged myself to read more and well, let me just say share my free time between knitting and a book. Like you, knitting is my #1 go to when I have free time, but I miss the joy of books and the adventures and stores therein. Here's to a year of knitting and books!

What a nice thing to add inside the books. They will surely be a treasure to someone.

Enjoy your week!

RAV: Barbys


I cannot imagine you need to be a better person, you just want to sprinkle your niceness everywhere. Love the idea of bookmarks in books, cute. Super secret knitting has my ears perked up!! Wonder wonder wonder what ?


I love your rose mug! And the yarn for those socks is absolutely delightful :) Glad to hear the new year is going well for you so far. I hope you're liking Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls-I read it shortly after it came out and really enjoyed it.


What a lovely post, your secret bookmarks are a wonderful idea and I am sure they will make someone's heart sing when they come across them xx


This new paper of socks are eye candy. The bright colors are happy ones. I like seeing your cup collection! You have great mugs. I'm very curious to see what these new year knits are.


How wonderful to leave those cute bookmarks ! I'm sure it will cast on many smiles :)

For me, too, reading has come second with the knitting now.. and I also wish to read more. As I read in bed each night before I go to sleep, I'll try tucking in earlier at times, so as to have more reading time. And there's audiobooks of course, which go very well with knitting :)


Oh how I love those socks! Really pretty colors! That bookmark thing is such a sweet idea, how lovely it would be to receive such a precious reading!


Ah such delights, especially the library book project. I am knitting wee things as part of #summerofthesingleskein as it is still school hols here. Finished a baby cardie and a colourwork hat, still going on socks and a kid vest.


Such a great idea with the little bookmarks, would certainly please somebody's soul to find ☺ More socks yay, love them and think that is what the grey project is too.....just finished one sock and now starting it's partner.....


Oh your test knit looks beautiful...love that color! Gorgeous socks too, which makes me want to cast on a pair. Lovely post Andi and and have a wonderful week?

erin kate

looks like the test knit is going to be so pretty, love that photo as well with the combination of the mug & coaster!


Lovely WIP and I just love the idea of the bookmarks. I think finding one would make my day!

cory ellen

Those socks are gorgeous! And I love the bookmark project - what a lovely surprise for the next reader.

I finished a stripey shawl design sample while watching Call the Midwife, and sent off a hat design to test knitters... not much progress on reading this week, though! The Making of the Atomic Bomb is probably a little too heavy right before bed.

Always so enjoy your posts, Andi - have a great week!


I love the bookmarks you are paying forward to some lucky bookworm! =) Yes, the new year feels like a fresh start! blessings ~ tanna


That quote (on your bookmark) is one of my favorites of all time. In general, I think the Gaiman is a genius writer anyway. A lovely sentiment to find randomly placed!

Glad you have a knit-filled weekend!

Kristen at This Little Blue Homestead

Oh thanks for the monthly sock link-I decided to try that this year and so far so good. I was just thinking yesterday that with knitting and reading I tend to only focus on one and I need to bring some more reading back in my life. Lately I've been knitting in bed until I fall asleep and I really should be reading maybe even just the last 15 minutes. But oh knitting its so hard to just put it down!


A quiet week filled with yarn sounds just about perfect in my book Andi.
Leaving little quotes for others in the world to find is right up my alley. I have been known to leave messages in market baskets and on bank slips, also on the bulletin board at the PO for others to read.

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