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Amanda Keeys

Your blanket is looking absolutely gorgeous! Hope you have a calmer week :)


So you started listening to Neil! Do you like it? I liked The Ocean a lot.
I passed my exam but guess what? I haven't knitted a row since. Busy calling up my friends and cooking for them, and working of course. Maybe next week.
Have a nice Sunday and a calm week!


Andi, I put myself on pause regularly and tea and knitting is the perfect cure when you've been all too busy. I love listening to a good audiobook or podcast as well while I knit.


A little pause is a good thing... ;)

LOVE the look of that shawl in the making!! And, lucky you! More beautiful colors for your blanket! Both are going to be beautiful!

I am going to have to try the audio books. blessings ~ tanna


Castonitis is an awful affliction and we are all struck by it occasionally. Audio books are a life saver for me....I can't knit and read at the same time either! Love the pattern and all the colours in your blanket....and the lace knitting is just gorgeous!


Your blanket is really coming along- I am eager to see it done- very inspiring indeed. Id love the shawl pattern, I haven't seen this one before.
Have the best Sunday!


Oh my, what is the pattern for that gorgeous shawl you are knitting?


oh, Andi, that shawl is a dream. The blanket is pure love and joy. So fun to see it grow :-)


Beautiful knitting!
Love the mug - anything with words on it has my appreciation! :)


I adore audio books, I listen when I am out walking, makes me get outside and move since I won't listen to them unless I am outside. {a rule I gave myself.}
I am enjoying a hot cup of honey and lemon tea this cold morning. I have been a little bit under the weather and am trying with all my might not to get pneumonia.


I DO feel that I am pushing myself too much sometimes. I have so many things that I like to do that 24 hours never seem enough. But I made a rule - I allow myself 10 minutes in the morning to stretch and 30-40 minutes dog walking in the afternoons, in silence and not thinking about anything, just being in the moment. It seems like such a small thing, but it really makes a difference.


That is exactly where I am today in my knitting. Time to put it on pause and really figure out what I want to be knitting… I want to knit it all!


Whenever I feel peaceful, tea is a good compliment. Whenever I feel anxious, tea is my consolation. So in the end, I drink a lot of tea :) Your knits do look beautiful! Very colorful and cheerful!


The Ocean was such a wonderful book, I feel it is one of those where you will take away something different from it depending on the current stage in your life. Gaiman is one of my favorite authors!


Hahaha -ALL the time, Andi! I really enjoyed reading The Ocean at the End of the Lane (LOVE that Neil Gaiman!), thrilled to know you liked it too :) XOXO p.s. Are you able to share the name of that pattern - it's so pretty!


Enjoy the calm. The blanket is looking wonderful x


you can have all the sock yarn scraps in the world....and yet, getting a few new to you colors will keep the love-alive!!!! your blanket is really looking great!!! :) (and love that shawl!!!!)


Your blanket is gorgeous. How much yarn do you need for each square?


keep practicing the knitting and the reading (stockinette if you want perfect knitting). I have perfected this multitasking. I was reading and knitting that scrap blanket (which will never ever be finished...). Lovely pink in the first photo! Oh and I wore my orange sweater which will be in a post maybe tomorrow??


That scrap blanket must be quite large by now! How fun to have it full of other people's stashes. It will feel like a hug from around the world.


I can't do audio books and knitting, i don't remember what I'm "reading".
But I am so glad that blanket is coming along. Seeing yours makes me want to start one.


Just found your blog - beautiful. Love that you are listening to Neil. A local bookstore won a contest and he was in our town last week - it was crazy


Of Monsters and Men are such a gorgeous band. It's a brilliant song.

I love that first shawl. The way those cables are set up is going to look stunning once blocked.

Andrea @This Knitted Life

Um, that test knit project is GORGEOUS. No joke.


I love audio books and knitting. Take care

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