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Andi, I'm curious, what is your fav sock cuff cast on?
Happy Sunday


Wow! Very busy! Can't wait to see those socks - they're going to be fab! And how cool that you had a yarn named after you!


yay reading & knitting


You have your own color way?! I think that is how you know you've made it in the world.


Your own colorway??? Andi, this is sooo fantastic!
Love all your projects! And the stew makes me hungry!
Happy Sunday to you to!


Ooooh can't wait to see more of your progress! Monogamous knitting, what's that?? ;) Your colorway is beautiful!! That is probably the coolest thing!

I enjoy David Sedaris a lot!


Such lovely woolly goodness going on here :)


I can't quite get my head around the idea of needing spring-like recipes in February! It has been snowing for the last three days and is currently -9C (about 15F) outside. I'm glad to know it's warming up somewhere, though!

A mystery sock yarn KAL is so smart. I was lamenting yesterday that I hadn't wound the yarn for my next pair of plain socks, but you're making me think I should figure out a way to grab one at random! As long as it isn't white, I'm on board!


A knitting frenzied week is a good busy :) Love all the yarn!


You have been so busy! Love the your color way, that is pretty special!


two test knits? adventurous! I'm not seeing any spring signs here, there is more snow on the way, but you know I love it :)


seems to me that you know how to have fun! :-)


I smile every time I visit you Andi. I adore seeing all your projects and pretty yarns that you post. I leave your space inspired to knit and to cast on more projects ;)


Ok, now the "mystery" sock yarn kal makes sense. What fun. I actually really like the pineapple upside down cake yarn. Something about those colors.
Sounds like you had a great week Andi!


Gorgeous knitting as usual and lovely yarn too oh and yummy
food lol nothing better


How awesome that someone named a colourway after you! Only, I rather think it should have been pink. ;-) Looking forward to seeing what you make of the Knitsch!


I love following your blog, all this knitting and cooking and everything on marvellous pictures :)


I am dizzy thinking about all that you had going on this week, Andi!! LOL! I've been FIGHTING the urge to have a casting on frenzy... but, since reading this... I may say what the heck! Start 'em all! I am looking forward to seeing all these beautiful projects. Thanks for the inspiration/enabling. ;) blessings ~ tanna

Amanda Keeys

Being knitting-busy is the best kind of busy, imo. No ideas for spring.. I always lose motivation in Spring for some reason! However now that we are on the tail-end of Summer (hooray) I am getting motivated to knit ALL THE THINGS.


As always, lovely projects Andi and might I say ... your sock yarn colourway is divine!

Because I'm all over the place craft wise these days, I'm so down with knitting all the things! Heck crafting all the things! My varying interest used to frustrate me but now ... I just go with the flow.

Thank you so much for the blanket blog feature. What do you know ... I started one (different pattern for my little cousin). Just call me Blanket Queen since there's the one I just started and two more in my queue for the year.



I love the idea of a mystery sock yarn project - I think I will start this right after I move!


I so wanted to join the mystery sock yarn kal but my hands are in too many pots!! Seems like we are the same page here! Your stew looks amazing!

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