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I started one recently and I might be obsessed. I'm a newish knitter so I don't have much leftovers but I've started doing a few swaps, mini skeins are almost more exciting to receive than big ones!


Your blanket is turning beautifully! I so love the idea that it's made from all over the world friendly scraps! :)


Ahhh, the enabling of knitters... ;) This blanket is showing up everywhere and I love it! I'm off to go see some of the others. Have a great week, Andi. blessings ~ tanna


Wow! It will be gorgeous! Sock yarn is so fun to knit! Have a great weekend!


Such a fun knit Andi and I do love all the pretty colors, my poor ecru blanket looks boring in comparison. :)


Your blanket is so lovely!


It's beautiful! I've been working on the Shelly Kang version for about 5 years now, and it's one of my favorite projects ever.

I'm always up for a swap, too! (I'm AoifeStone on Ravelry if you want to get in touch.)


What a great idea of yarn donations! The blanket will always remind you of friends and favorite projects. A knitted notebook :) Happy Sunday, Andi!


Your blanket is lovely!

I have always wanted to make one of these blankets. I have never tried the mitered square before. I'm a bit apprehensive to begin, and I do not have a lot of sock yarn.

Do you have any idea how much total yardage is needed for the size blanket you are making? How big will the blanket be when you are finished?

Do you have a recommended technique for sewing the squares as you go?

I appreciate any help. I would love to make this blanket.

Thank you, thank you!


I love seeing all the different colors come together! It is really neat that it is a combination of your own sock yarn and the sock yarns of a bunch of different people. Such a love-filled blanket!


Ooh, thanks so much for the shout-out! Love all these blankets!


Love your approach on this, Andi ~ makes the blanket precious indeed!


I think I spotted a square from my sock yarn on the first picture! Exciting! 340 squares is a lot, woman! But you can do it! It sure is looking lovely already!


Your blanket is going to be so lovely (it already is, really). I love how these resemble patchwork quilts, which are one of my favourite styles.


Oh that is looking so lovely!!!


Truly lovely! I hope to have enough sock yarn scraps someday to do my own version. I love quilts but just can't quite get into sewing, which is probably why I love these scrappy blankets so much.


how fun to know I have a community of knitter's who is as crazy as I am doing this blanket. I find it comforting to have an easy project but wish that it would be finished. Oh my, it will be awhile according to my son who did the math....


Your blanket is really coming along- love all the colors- very festive!


Just a few days ago, partially inspired by your lovely blanket and partially by my tiny pile of sock yarn scraps, I started knitting a Beekeeper's Quilt. Those hexipuffs are seriously addictive... I'd love to swap some minis with you, but I'm not sure I've got much variety to offer. Maybe I should knit some more socks to generate more sock yarn scraps?


Wow. I didn't realize that you were working right onto the blanket, I assumed you were knitting squares and sewing together. Way to go Andi! You are 1/3 of the way there and it looks stunning. Maybe someday I will start one.


I do see more of these scrap yarn blanket popping up in my instagram and blog feed. I really love them and still think it's a fantastic way to use up sock yarn scraps. And exchanging yarn for the blanket sounds like even more fun.


I started this too...I have only done one!
But, guess yarns have to be exactly same weight???
Fun to have small task completion projects...even though end result is not such a small task!


What an abundance of friendly love equivalent in sock yarn! This is such a cool project.

Anna Jane

So lovely! I was inspired by a recent post of yours to start my own scrap blanket. Something so satisfying about using up bits of yarn, making them into something useful and pretty. I only have about 30 diamonds and am currenty building my sock weight stash, so I'd love to swap some minis :) Thank you for the warm invite to your readers! I'm Annajane on Ravelry, or feel free to just send me an e-mail.

Kristen at This Little Blue Homestead

Such a great idea, thanks for sharing your pattern. I'd love to do this but I keep seeing so many projects that I would also love. I think this would be awesome to just keep in a basket for quick knitting and eventually it'd get done.

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