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Oh I know that tidying-into-playting business all too well. I'm not good with many WIPs at once, they tend to paralyse me. three seems to be my limit, but I'm a process knitter as well. I have knitted more than a few items that have never been used, but I don't regret it because I loved the knitting. Maybe someday I'll harvest the yarn and use it again :)


Oh my look at all your wips of socks!!! envy here only because I go so slowly lol.....AND i loved your vimeo ☺☺ here my mum is in hosp and not real good, but she is 90 so that is incredible in itself ♥ Your shawl will be wonderful too ☺


I've been trying not to cast on anything new until I wade through that WIP basket too. It is killing me not to cast on... Probably not going to make it. Kallio knits has a new shawl out : )

Love that book gray yarn.. Happy knitting!


Great minds think alike as the same thing happened to me just this week! I was sorting out my WIPs then suddenly decided I really needed to cast on a new Pi shawl as well as a hap!!! Not only 1 new WIP but 2!!!! Like you, it's all about the process for me so I'm not worried.... they will all be FOs one day! xxx


:) I would never have so many WIPs and cast on something new, hi hi hi... The difference is I am not as fast a knitter as you! You can afford it! This new shawl will be stunning in that colorway! Happy knitting!


i love your pink jumble of pre-socks!


at least you have choices! :) Love that new shawl....I might need to cast that one on, too!

Thanks for sharing 'Iceland'.....I've just got to get there someday!!! :)


Oh be still my heart ......all that lovely pink is making me swoon!


all those pink socks? you know that's the way to my heart.


Your blog is iutstanding. My heart is swollen with the beauty of our earth. The knitting community, breaking bread and socializing is tremendously inspirational. Thank you for this. Rosemary


I can understand your wip temptations. Maybe it's a little bit like being girls and having a new crush all the time, ha ha. I think of wips like beautiful home decor. Some people put out vases, we display lovely socks. All that yarn is too pretty to hide. When it's complete it's useful. That can't be said about knick knacks right?


You are great Andi! I love that in you effort to clean out, you cast on another project! Is it wrong for me to say that I was feeling guilty for the five projects I have on needles until I saw your post? ;) Now I can cast on that sweater I've been drooling over!
Have a great week my dear friend.

Keren Duchan

How did that happen?

I'm only a beginner knitter but I'm following a one project at a time method... And trying to avoid a growing stash as best I can... https://nowiknit.wordpress.com/2015/04/19/stash-ethics/


Oh! I love the Lao Tzu quote. I am a big fan of quotes; I collect them.

I also love all of the sock yarn. It's so pretty. I always wanted to make that little shawl too. There are so many things on my list to make. Who can say no? I am just like you. I jump into a new project before I finish something else. I wish someone would do a psychological study, as to why we feel so much gratification from beginning a new project but not finishing a project. Interesting.

I love your blog, and I look forward to reading it each Sunday.


Andi, I'm guilty too of having too many WIP's. You made me laugh how you've cast on a new shawl. I do that too. I think there's too much inspiration on the internet and too much excitement about knitting all these lovely things.


All of your WIPs look delightful! Sometimes I think it's helpful to start something new in the middle of clearing out old WIPs-something new and shiny to enjoy when old projects start feeling more like an obligation.


so many pretty knitting projects, how do you choose which one? I tend to stick to no more than five on the needles. That blanket is one mammoth project that screeches at me though. I'd love to be done soon. (ha)


gosh Andi, I am so envious of all your socks! All my colors too! I have been eyeing that shawl pattern since it came out. It is taking all my willpower not to cast it on with so much going on. I love the color too!


It was a long week! But my weekend felt long, too, so I guess I can't complain! I love the color for that shawl. How could you have helped not casting on? I would want to in a heartbeat, too! Have a good week!

Andrea @This Knitted Life

Wow chica. That is a lot of projects. Don't you just love that Tosh Merino Light?


I currently have a lot of wips too! How fun it is to 'clean' the stash though (: you get to play with all your yarn and get all organized for future projects which is maybe half the fun.

I love that tosh merino colorway, wow!

Have a lovely week Andi!!


Yep. That happened to me with the good intentions of purging from the master bedroom. However, that only got done midway. I can't remember why. Your sock WIP line up made me smile. You have such awesome taste in sock yarn.


My knitting intentions DO turn on me :) As you know I was determined to work only from my stash this year, but just couldn't resist yarn gifted to me!


Such pretty projects!! Funnily enough, I was thinking the same sort of thoughts today about all the lovely yarn in my stash... I could easily start so many just for the pleasure of feeling the different yarns in my fingers!


So many pretty yarns & projects -- love the pinks! And of course you needed to cast on a shawl -- with all those socks on the go, you just needed a little variety 😉❤️✨
Oh, and would you mind sharing the name of the pretty self striping?
Many thanks!

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