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Andrea @This Knitted Life

Wow Andi. You have some pretty fabulous friends. Gorgeous yarns.


You had a LOT of pink in your week. That's ALWAYS a good thing.

Looks like your sister made some tasty jam! I'm eating store bought right now, but I have friends that make jam and there MAY be some blueberry/peach headed my way soon.




Sounds like a great week!
I'm all for that! Or knitting and eating Nutella - mmmn, yummy! :)


I guess you know it goes without saying just how much I love that pink yarn, swoon.

I have several jars of strawberry jam tucked away for a cold winter's day. If you ever figure out a way to make a living knitting and eating jam I want to be sitting right beside you doing exactly the same!


Lucky lucky you!!! Such lovely pressies ... that yarn and that tea! So glad your week was good. Cold front moving in here tomorrow so plenty of good knitting weather!!! xxx


Lovely treats. I especially love that tea towel. Tweedy sock yarn? That is different. I haven't tried anything tweedy yet. I worry about it's texture against one's skin.


Sounds like a pretty perfect trade.... you knit, she jams = all good in my book!


I keep seeing this tweed from The Wool Barn and cannot get enough! That pink is stunning.


oh, yes. sign me up for that job....! :)

kathy b

All great items but the PEACOCK is the best


nice presents this week in the mail for you, fabulous! My week was great and I believe my next week will be just about as great :)


That tweedy sock wool is superb. How lovely to have perfect friends who send goodies in the post. Here in winters South Australia we are all still bundled up and knitting like crazy. We have started to get lovely strawberries (?hothouse) from Western Australia so I'm loving those.
I have been contemplating some strawberry jam myself. πŸ˜€


Oh I do love that tweedy pink yarn!!!
I enjoy strawberry jelly on my peanut butter sandwiches. My husband thinks I'm weird - he uses grape. But I say - he is the weird one - LOL!

Linda in VA


Knitting and jam eating sounds lovely! Having just come off my short summer break with amazing crafty productivity, I would love to climb on that wagon.


Oh my gosh I love your pink yarn! How pretty :) I too wish it was possible to earn a living knitting and eating jam. That sounds pretty ideal :)

I hope you're having a good rest of your weekend Andi!


what a job that would be! And wow, such an abundance of amazing gifts.


Love the pink yarn too and the jam, but I'm saying Amen on the following!!!: "When I think about it, as long as I am knitting on something, that is all that really matters to me." :)


I love that peacock bag! And all the pink, of course :) Looks like you had a lovely week :) And I agree, as long as we have something to knit, everything is good :)

Lucy Bowen

Beautiful pink yarn, sounds like a splendid week.


Yes! Earn a living knitting and eating. My kind of job.
I had a long week of teaching and moving, but things are settling down and my knit time is coming back.


That pink is perfect! It's right up there with Brooklyn Tweed's Camper and The Plucky Knitter's Cake Plate. Love!


I'm so glad you enjoyed the treats! Tweedy pink yarn is such a brilliant idea! Strawberry jam is my favorite, and the color on your sisters jam is beautiful. I would love to eat it, or knit it. hehe. Maybe one day, friend ...


your sister's jam looks so delicious even in a photo, I can only imagine how good it is on toast! Side note- toast is my favourite food. I'm loving your wonderful treasures from friends around the world!


knitting and eating jam all day!? Sign me up. ;)

love that neutral crochet square in your last post along with all your other beauties! stay cool! blessings ~ tanna


I just found your blog and I love it. I especially like that you share some of your favorite things and blogs you enjoy. I look forward to future readings.

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