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When people find out that I knit, they usually say, in a kind of sad tone, "why? You are so young to spend your days inside knitting like an old lady!!"
They don't understand us! They can't see that through knitting our lives became more creative, meaningful and calm!That knitting is so not a waste of time but a true gift for us! We know better! We are knitters! :-)


Hear, hear. I started because I needed to decompress since the youngest decided she needed to be a Joey, always having Mama carrying her and that no one else would do for 11 months. I'd tell my husband I was not happy when he came home so he suggested I needed a hobby. Thanks to him, I became a knitter! I continue because like I tell people, it's my yoga. It soothes me and centers me.


I started knitting and blogging about five years ago. I picked up knitting because I had always wanted to learn and with my children older and the creation of the internet it was the right time. I had read homeschool blogs for years before I started my own blog, but again because my children were older, I had the time and it was another avenue to create so I started my own; I had no idea at the start of this that my love for knitting and blogging would merge and I would make the friendships I have today.
I continue knitting because holding two sticks in my hands with a little fiber and making loops is addictive, it has to be all the yarn fumes! Really though, I knit because I love it and I love making things to give to others, it's that simple. Much love Andi.


My Dad taught me when I was a preschooler....as an only child, my parents took me with them everywhere, so when they would meet with friends for their card-parties and dinner, I got to go---with my knitting. I do remember wondering why those grown ups always thought it was so funny. Even then, I could entertain myself for hours with needles and yarn.


I learned how to knit at school, probably when I was around 10. I was really bad at it and even though both my mum and my gran were good knitters I never knit anything outside of school.

Then I went on holiday with a knitting friend one and a half years ago and she brought some needles and left over yarn with her for me to try. I picked it up, remembered how to cast on, to knit and purl and never stopped. Something just clicked. I was fascinated and really wanted to do challenging patterns, not just stockinette. I got on Ravelry because meeting people online has always been such a great joy for me and here I am... I hope it doesn't ever stop ;-)


Thank you for getting me thinking, once again. Knitting really has broadened past the act of crafting, past the stuff it produces for me. It is the little thing in common I have with a huge community of people that I seem to click so well with. I wonder why this is. I have friends irl, no problems getting along with others, but these online friendships seem to get right to the heart of things more quickly. I've wondered if it was simply that we share a creative way of looking at life, or maybe it has to do with it being focused on a practical, traditional "home art." It does seem that most of us find it a soothing part of our home ritual. Online, we open up our often introverted selves from the comfort of our homes, and so open our homes to others. It's safe and welcoming at once.
On a different note, the video you shared was so refreshing to see. Seeing the stuff we make really isn't the point, is it? My sister has been slowly going blind over the last couple of years. There are possible surgeries and treatments still, but she can no longer drive. She is reading a kindle with the font at its largest and a magnifying glass. Everything has many more steps to it when you can't see. And then you can't find your magnifying glass. No task is simple, especially if you are used to seeing. Hyacinth has a strong creative force about her to take all those extra steps to learn, practice, and meet up to knit. That's a joy to know.


I learned how to knit 25 years ago but never learned shaping and when I moved away from my teacher in Germany, i was intimidated. I also moved to Louisiana after German, where I didn't think that knitting would work with the heat so I learned to smock instead. I came back to knitting in 2009 and I love it! I agree that it takes your head out of the problems of the day. I think about "what row am I on next?, 2 or 4 increases?" instead of "oh, god, please help me make it without bouncing a check" or "please help my husband find a job this week". Thankfully, I amassed quite a stash before he became unemployed so I have lots of projects ahead. Let's hope it won't matter, knit, purl, knit, purl….

For me it totally about the process, if I finish a project, that's a bonus.

Andi, thank you for the video, it was inspiring. I found this one after i watched it.
Check out this video: https://vimeo.com/75471854


Happy Sunday to you too and what a beautifully written post. I think I started because I wanted a hobby that would help me relax while still providing the opportunity to learn a lot of new skills. And it's fair to say that years later it is still doing both those things.


Hi Andi - I've been knitting for nearly 40 years but in the last 10 years it's been a lifeline for me in terms of discovering the amazing blogs and podcasts (and of course Ravelry)! Here in South Africa very few people knit and they just don't "get it". If I knit in public I'm treated like some sort of weirdo but I've toughened up and really don't care anymore what other people think. I have this wonderful talent and I'm not going to hide it! I am a knitter and proud!!! Hugs and love, Laura xxx


I started to knit because I could no longer see the "little holes" in the cross-stitch linen (after stitching for forever)! I needed that soothing feeling that the stitching gave me - and knitting took its place. (I did eventually get some close up lenses from the eye doctor and could stitch again). But knitting had taken hold and I rarely cross-stitch anymore! I keep knitting because I love it for one. But I also stitch to sooth my anxieties over my Mom who has dementia and is 500 miles away from me. I knit to sooth my loneliness at being so far away from my entire family! Now that I'm retired, knitting and online friendships have saved my sanity many many times!!

Linda in VA


and I meant to put soothe - not sooth - LOL!

Linda in VA


I started knitting when I was 11 as I thought it would be a cool skill to have, as I'd always loved being creative. 10 years on and I can't stop! It's so relaxing, and rewarding to see a finished object :)


I love reading your blog every Sunday! This post really made me smile remembering my knitting journey. I've only been knitting for a few years and I'm still quite a novice. My journey started with quilting though. Yeah, you read that right! My grandmother taught me to quilt and I loved it! But I had (still have) very small children. I was basting a quilt (putting the layers together with pins) when I knocked the table and my very sharp pins dropped all over the floor. I panicked! So after banning everyone from the room for days and vacuuming countless times *just in case*, I decided until the kids were older, I needed a new hobby. Because of my love for blankets, I thought maybe knitting would be good. Not a lot of tools are necessary to get started, and nothing I need to worry about if the kids get into it. Only downside was no one I knew knitted. So I got some books from the library and watched some youtube videos and tada! I have a few scarves under my belt (basic Harry Potter Scarves in the round) and nothing more, but I like snuggling with my little ones and being able to click my needles away at the same time. I may eventually go back to quilting, but I will not give up my knitting! It really does take hold and is meditative in a way quilting wasn't.
Happy Sunday!


I grew up with a mom who knits so I learned when I was a child. I picked it up while my husband was getting his Phd and I was idle after working during the day. Haven't stopped since!


Thank you for sharing that video. I wish I could be less grumpy about things I cannot change.


Thank you for this video, dear Andi! I started knitting when my life was rapidly going down. I was completely lost, started to have problems with my health and kept feeling absolutely useless. I can say for sure knitting became my first step to rebuilding myself and my life. When I picked up knitting I felt worthy and capable of doing and creating after long long time of feeling useless. It gave me confidence and hope. It became something that I do the first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to bed. Knitting brought so many wonderful people into my life, so much joy, excitement and passion! I really don't see myself NOT knitting any more... Have a great week, Andi!


So true, the knitting community has been overwhelmingly really positive, and I'm always surprised at the generosity and kindness of other knitters- I've had so much great advice, and seen so many inspiring knits, it's not only upped my knitting game, but I feel like being a part of the knitting community has somehow actually helped me enjoy life more. Kindness, a focus on simple pleasures, and making things by hand... that's a lot of happiness, right there.


As you know I crochet more than I knit, but there is something about knitting a pair of socks which I really like ☺ Blogging as sure given me some lovely friends world wide (hand size lol) and you are one of them and love seeing all of your knitting. It is something we can do anywhere and can attract conversation, maybe leading to a new friend too. xoxo

Mary Glynn

Andi I love your blog. I learned how to knit when I was a child in Ireland. I was lucky really that at the time a lot of people knitted there and I knit my way through college. life got really busy then with work and kids and moving to New York but have always found time for it. Now I have more time because kids are teenagers and I really love it. It is meditative and it simply makes me happy. I knit on the subway, at my kids games, anywhere I have a minute and it always attracts people somehow. I honestly only started reading blogs and podcasts in the last couple of years and it is wonderful to see what other people are doing. Looking forward to meeting more knitty people!!!


Learned to knit as a kid, the basic skills, but never did much with it. Untill I decided to quit smoking some years ago and decided I needed something to keep my fingers moving.
Probably one of the best decisions I ever made ! Not only did I really enjoy the knitting, indeed I came across other knitters too and discovered a wonderful community that I feel so at home in... :)


I started knitting when I was 5. My mum was pregnant and knitting baby things and I asked her to show me. I have never stopped. There was just something about it. I loved it and I kept doing it. Now I knit for similar reasons to you. it is my meditation; the colours, the textures and the rhythm all adds up to being calm. And most importantly, it is something I do for myself. Knitting has saved my sanity many times. What I love most is I can share it with others and encourage others if they are interested in starting to knit.


It's my stress relief. I actually came back to blogging to talk about knitting because I love the community and people I've met in person and online because of knitting.


Yes! I didn't start knitting until college, and I'm constantly surprised at how it's become such a major part of my life! I can't imagine not knitting anymore-and all my knitting friends are the most wonderful I've ever had!


Yes! I needed something to keep me busy while I was bored and lonely in college - something that made me feel creative and useful. Knitting filled that hole and I've never looked back. I'm constantly amazed at how much this hobby has brought to my life.


the social aspect has definitely become a motivating factor for me - needed something on my needles for my Sunday knit group - but I think it goes deeper than that. There are days when my knitting is a good way to get me out of a bad funk, almost like a best friend. When I need some cheer, knitting is there for me.

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