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I'm a receptionist at a doctors office and when it's slow I'll knit at my desk. People are generally really interested and nice. I definitely get some "oh my grandma crochets!" but I know they don't really mean anything by it. I've been on a sock spree lately so people will ask if they're mittens and when I tell them they're sock they're amazed! People also seem to be amazed by DPNs. they're like wow how do you use so many needles? So overall it's really nice and I love talking about knitting!

Andrea @This Knitted Life

I don't get too many opportunities to knit in public...occasionally a coffee shop. I will break out my knitting if a friend is visiting and Reed is sleeping. I think they find it a little weird....


Just back from watching the sun rise and the beach and sat down with cup of tea to read your blog. I do knit in public, I knit everywhere!
No one has ever said anything to me, but 'what is that you're making?' But I have gotten some weird stares, I just smile and keep on knitting.
Have the most beautiful day.
PS---Thank you so much!


Honestly the only people who have been mortified by my crafting in public are some of my younger cousins and an old co-worker who was very unkind in front of an entire dept. She claimed that my knitting was going to make me end up alone with a cat. No man in his right mind would want me - blah, blah, blah. Then got really hurt and affronted when I said I would never make her anything. My younger cousins are not unkind, they're just into different things and they've gotten use to me knitting in public. LOLOL!!!

Other than that, crafting in public has connected me to other crafters, gotten me proposals from men who say I look so sweet and domestic (errrr ... okay .... lolol); it's really been mostly genuine interest in what I do and what I make. I'm already thinking of which project I'll be working on as I head back to work on Tuesday. :D.

PS. Good for you for saying no to someone who doesn't appreciate that you knit.


My knitting is my therapy. I am an obsessive compulsive knitter, in fact! I started knitting when I was about ten and never stopped. In fact, I used to sit in my high school classes in Germany, knitting away like crazy. Some of my teachers were really put out by that, but then I told him that knitting helps me concentrate. They shrugged and let me knit. I had straight A's, so it must have been true!


My grandmother taught me to knit and crochet when I was 4 or 5 years old, and when I was 7 I was knitting in the cab of my dads truck and I over heard his friends comment that I was knitting and how odd it was my dad defended me but I thought maybe this is not what cool kids do. So I stopped. Then picked it up again in my early 20's and I knit everywhere! Some people still make fun of me, but most are more interested in what I am making.


Knitting is a happy and useful way to spend time in doctors' waiting rooms. I take an elderly friend to her appointments, so I get to exercise this privilege frequently. Other patients seem to be absorbed in their cell phones or the germ-laden magazines, but occasionally one will smile and ask what I'm doing.. is it crochet? Often one will say, "I've always wanted to knit, but it just seems so complicated." I always answer that I can teach them how. Recently the person sitting near me was herself a knitter (but not knitting in the waiting room) and we got into such a lively discussion that she didn't want to go in when her name was called.


Since I'm a SAHM, no, I generally don't knit in public. I only did with my group in SF and when it was knit in public week in June which is always around the baby's birthday. I guess ppl usually stared. Only the brave would ask questions.
I love how the Nantucket colourway is knitting up.


I don't knit too often in public but I do take my knitting with me on occasion to work and when hubby and I take road trips. I'm with you about the cooler weather and for some reason I'm really wanting to knit!! I have several projects lined up and I think I will have a cast on frenzy today :) Happy Knitting Dear Andi !


I'm a college student so I tend to knit quite a bit in lectures. It's definitely captured the attention of other students, but rarely ever has a professor commented on it. I've met a couple fellow knitters on campus just because of knitting in class. The other place I'll frequently knit is at my favorite coffee shop. All the people who work there know me fairly well (I'm also dating one of the baristas) and the manager is also a knitter, who had asked me to teach her how to use DPNs one day! Several of my friends have also asked me to teach them. It's been very rare for a negative interaction to happen. The only thing is I'm introverted and conversing with strangers can sometimes be very stressful.


Hi Andi - I knit in public all the time and often people just look at me as tho I've landed from out of space! Sometimes they say really intelligent things like "What are you doing?" which I find quite incredible but the thing that makes me laugh the most is when they say "Are you knitting?" and I feel like answering "No, not at all. I'm bricklaying!" Lovely to see you're knitting Linus - I've made 3 now!!! Much love. L


I knit everywhere....so of course, I get some of those things that you mentioned. But more and more, I have people come up, and usually with a big sigh, say something to the effect that they wished they had THEIR knitting with them. I just smile and say 'never leave home without it!'....maybe we'll start seeing more people making good use of their idle minutes (rather than staring at their facebook page!)


I do knit in public (to be honest, I knit pretty much anywhere I can!). The weirdest thing for me was on a plane - one of those little propeller ones, that only has 3 seats across - one on the left and 2 on the right of the aisle. I was in the second seat back on the single-seat side, and the flight attendant who was probably 5'10 and close to 180 pounds (and I am 5'4" on a good day about 125) says to me after watching me knit a round on my size 1 DPNs.... "You know... I could totally take you down if I had to. Those things don't scare me." uh...yeah..okayyyyy


I try and knit at any opportunity, in or out of public. I must admit to feeling very self concious the first time I did 'cip' (crochet in public) during a swimming lesson for my boys, I sat at the side, crochet hook in hand and surrounded by curious on lookers.... good thing I am thick skinned! Now, my favourite place to knit is on the beach - just an amazing feeling :)


I feel really shy knitting in public. I feel like everybody is watching me :) But once I was knitting in the park, one woman came to me and said - "Oh, you are so lucky that you can knit! You can have a new sweater every week and it costs you nothing!" I smiled :)

Jules O

I love knitting in public, and do take it out every opportunity I can. Most people just stare, but it does draw out people to comment now & then, & they are always amazed at how fast I knit, or I don't have to look at it when I am knitting. I've never had a negative comment, & I get a lot of compliment more on the color of the yarn as I tend to use indie hand dyed yarn which are beautiful works of art in their own right. The best item to have to encourage a lot of chatter are the selfstriping/self patterning yarns for socks... I normally don't let them know that its the yarn doing all the work, not me he he he!! Those project draw a lot of attention!


I work at a university and knit all around campus including while I walk, which blows people's minds. Other than "how do you walk and knit" (it is easy by the way, just remember that your feet do the walking and your hands do the knitting), the only feedback I've gotten is when I was knitting at a work conference. Apparently, it's okay to play Candy Crush on your iPad during a presentation, but knitting is either completely unprofessional or rude... I'm not sure which they believed, so I was told to stop.

Liz M

Knitted during dissertation classes last year; got told I looked like somebody's granny. (Never heard that one before)

Saw a lady knitting whilst she was waiting for a blood test. Got chatting to her, and she explained about cabling, without using a cable needle.

Favourite was many years ago in Sheffield. A friend was knitting in the bar; a slightly tipsy actor asked her what she was doing and dragged us over to speak to the head of costume. We ended up drinking with them until the small hours, when said actor (now very tipsy) indicated that he'd like to spend the night with her and make knitted babies. I told him he needed to learn to cast on before he cast off.


Hi Andi! When someone I don't even know really well asks for a knitted item, I will always decline but instead offer to teach her/him how to knit. They usually say they don't have enough free time to knit. So am I. :p
I wish, there would be a knitting club I could attend where I live. It would be so nice to knit with other knitters :(


I knit everywhere. I take a simple knit in round like a hat to work on while watching a movie that usually gets looks or comments. Knitting is calming & certainly helps whenever I have to wait. And I have a useful item unlike just playing a game on my phone. Dorinda

Leigh loves wool

LOVE this post!!! I am an unabashed public knitter. I'll knit anywhere..waiting rooms, bedside in the ICU of a sick loved one, the car, a plane, lunch at work, tailgate killing time, coffee shops, babysitting..in my kayak while he fishes.

Don't know how I ever lived without it. So soothing.

That test knit is FABULOUS!! Will you post when it is done?...xo

Boston Knitter

We just had the best day with a curious non-knitter today at my LYS! Two couples came in, both wives knitters, and one husband had apparently never been in a yarn shop before. So he politely asked about the swift and winder, casting on vs. knitting, and if he could touch various things in the shop (the swift was his favorite). Usually, though, people get a look of panic around me when I'm knitting, especially if I'm with my yarn friends in a group. But that will never stop me from busting out my projects in public!


One of our Knit Wit Friends got married today. Not only did one knit through the ceremony, but the majority of the 14 of us were knitting through most of the reception. Because we are her knitting sisters, it was expected of us to be knitting at the wedding.


Hi I'm a transport truck driver and have been driving for about 10 years. I love to knit and do it whenever I can, but not when I'm driving lol. Never had a driver give negative feedback they always seem very interested in what I'm knitting .Whenever I travel I take my knitting I live in Canada but travel most of the Western United States, I just had my first grandchild so now it's baby clothes. Have a wonderful week.


I like to knit whenever and wherever possible, especially on the bus or at my desk at work. I think the most popular question I get is "Are you making a scarf?" Because apparently, no matter what it is you're knitting, it's a scarf.

I also enjoy watching other people knit, whenever I encounter them. I actually learned to purl by watching a woman on the train...my Grandmother had tried to teach me, but I just didn't get it. After watching this stranger for a few minutes, I was like "Oh THAT'S how you do it!" I also analyze people's knitwear, and try to figure out how it was done. I've gotten a lot of inspiration that way, but they probably just thought I was crazy for staring at them with a puzzled look on my face...

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