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Right now my reading consists of fall and winter themed books. Chick lit basically. The classics also find their way to my night stand as the weather gets colder.

Happy November and Happy Sunday!!! xo

Gleanne Marie

I really enjoyed In the Woods! I'm currently reading Brothers Karamazov...it seems like fall and winter always brings on the Russians!

If you like creepy, you may also like "The Winter People" by Jennifer McMahon.

I love Jo Nesbo, too. You really can't go wrong with him!


Happy November, although here it is 81 F and doesn't feel very Novemberish.
Like knitting I read everyday, but when the season changes I find a read quite a bit more since my time is not needed as much out of doors.
Happy day!


I just finished "Go Set a Watchman" and loved it. Now I'm reading "The Uncommon Reader" by Alan Bennett. A fun premise--what would happen if the queen visited the bookmobile--and a fast and enjoyable read.


Happy sweet November, dear Andi! I tend to switch back and forth between fiction and non-fiction. After reading "The Moveable Feast" for the second time, I got to "The Universe in a Nutshell" by Stephen Hawking. A fascinating book!


Happy November!
I mostly listen to audio books because I can listen while I commute to and from work. I'm just starting Heresy by S.J. Parris.


Hi Andi. On my nightstand ..... The Survivors Club by Alison Gardner and Elizabeth of York by Alison Weir - I would seem to be having an 'Alison' fest!!!! Have a great week. xxx

Andrea @This Knitted Life

I have been reading bunches also! Just did I a big post this morning to catch up on what I have been reading!


the pile by my bedside toppled...so i've switched to audible and have listened to about half of Circling the Sun. (It's good!)


Before I respond to your question I must say how I LOVE the colour of those socks at the very top and those darling llamas on your project bag. Oh, and I also really love Mumford and Sons -- they have such great lyrics but their melodies are lovely too.

I cannot read while knitting and wish I could. I do tend to read more in the cooler months though what I read definitely does not vary. I'm not one for "light" reading so I tend to pick a good literary fiction or a juicy mystery or thriller. But, belonging to a book club, I'm compelled to sometimes read novels that may not be my cup of tea. Though admittedly, it also means I read a book that totally surprises me, and that's always a good thing.


Oh goodness, I forgot to tell you what I am reading. I just finished "The Orchardist" and absolutely loved it - great story, well written.
Am currently reading (a novel not of my choosing) The Lace Reader and am not enjoying it one bit. Next up, and I'm looking forward to it is, "The Paying Guests".


I do tend to read more in the winter but being in Tucson, I now take my knitting outdoors. I'm thinking I should be trying audio books so I can knit outside and listen to a book. I'm a murder mystery all the way. I'm a Kindle owner so find free mysteries to read on Amazon because I seem to be spending all my money on yarn.


I love your post today! I love books and reading. I have tons of books in my home, on my bed,and in each room! I will read any genre that is appealing to me at the time. I love books that will move me and change me somehow. As I get older, I realize that I can't waste time on books that are mediocre.

One of my favorite books, in the past few years, is The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. Creepy! I highly recommend it.

I think you should do a book recommendation every month. I love seeing these books in your post. Thank you!


P.S. I also think that David Mitchell's new book, Slade House, will be a great, creepy read. Check-it-out!


I think I read the same amount all year long. I think there is more to pick from that I'm interested in during fall and winter though. Pretty knitting!!


I think it's kind of fun to read a book that coincides with a season. I certainly wouldn't mind reading a Christmas romance during December with a mug of cocoa in hand. I don't think I've really coordinated though. I like to choose the next book that I'm in the mood for once I finish a read. Love that flash of the first sock.


Lovely socks. I sadly cannot read the creepy stuff as it is just too, well, creepy. But I love me some chick lit and lately lots of poetry books by indie poets.

Have a great week!


That sock yarn is BEAUTIFUL!

I love the start of a month, especially when it starts on the first day of the week ........I'm fresh starting all over the place.

I bought a new book today: Knitting Pearls (edited) by Ann Hood.

I don't think my reading really changes much with the seasons, but I haven't read much in the past few weeks.

Life has been kind of stressful and I just haven't been able to settle into reading. I'm hoping to remedy that with some "light" reading.

Ashley sisolak

Where is the adorable bag able to be found?!?!? I feel like I need it.


I love reading and knitting and wish I could do both at the same time. I just finished The Light Between Oceans - haughtingly beautiful. Currently I'm finishing sweaters for my husband and for charity.


My reading is exactly like my knitting: I love it but it takes forever :) I'm currently reading The shadow of the wind, I am Malala and The discreet hero! Have a great week!


You're such a kindred spirit - knitting and reading are my two loves as well.
I set myself a Goodreads challenge every year and this week I'm hoping to read 30 books - I have 6 to go! At the moment I'm reading Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. But also on my to-read for the rest of the year are Eleanor & Park, Me Before You and The Color Purple.
All time favourites are The Picture of Dorian Grey, The Night Circus, and The Knitting Circle (by the wonderful Ann Hood) - I could go on about books all day!!!


Eeep! 30 books this week??? I meant 30 books this year!! :P


I love your alpaca sock bag! I'm juggling several books right now in an attempt to catch up to my Goodreads goal, but I read In the Woods earlier this year and enjoyed it :)


No reading here but sure should get back to it....love all your new cast on socks πŸ˜€ heading into warm months here and year has gone way to fast.......

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