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That is an excellent idea Andi! I have a shawl lined up and ready to go using a gifted yarn and pattern I got for my birthday - I might try and join this one. :-)

kathy b

I love sock yarn with some squish! The KAL sounds fun. and LOOK at those delicious cables!


I love the newest KAL and have the perfect project for me, now to just finish what I am working on first.

My week didn't unfold as gently as I would have liked, but I have high hopes for the upcoming week.

Much love my friend and happy knitting.


I am eagerly finishing my current socks so I can get to the KAL!

The socks for your friend are beautiful. I'm thinking maybe Simple Skyp would be a good pattern for my gift yarn. :-)

Hugs and hope you have a wonderful week. I always look forward to your Sunday posts!


what a great idea for your KAL. Hubby gave me a gift certificate for Christmas to my LYS but I didn't buy yarn with it: I got a set of wood crochet hooks. I don't intend to crochet but I have several patterns I wish to make but need crochet hooks for the provisional cast on!
I adore your cable hat. It's going to look great. Happy knitting this week.


Yay on finishing a terrific pair of socks. The blue you're working with for your sister's hat is great. I like how the cables really show up.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life

Lucky friend and sister! Slow knitting really brings the joy back to the stitch, I think. Although my mind wanders to the five zillion other projects I can't wait to knit!


I'm actively working on just two projects...which is almost unthinkable in my world. (I did 'pause' to knit a baby hat last week.) I simply don't think I'm made to be totally dedicated to one project....but it does help with the FOs!!! Love the socks!!!!!!!


The socks are pretty! I love that Sam Smith song, thank you for sharing this version. Happy Sunday xxx


The pink granite sock yarn makes such a cool effect. And yes, I'm a firm believer of knit one at a time to really get things done, though I don't always stick to it lol


Those socks look so delightfully squishy! I'm sure they will be treasured :) I'm glad you're having success taking steps to keep from repetitive strain injuries-those are no fun, and a pain to deal with, and it feels like once you have the damage it never really goes away.


I am so glad you are taking care of yourself and feeling the benefits. May it continue!! Love the socks and can't wait to see what you choose to knit.

Caffeine Girl

I love those Skype socks. I really want to make a pair one of these days!

I struggle not to feel pressured to knit faster and finish things, but I don't always succeed. I do think that knitting should be savored, and I think it might be easier if I didn't have such a stash!

I love the idea for your knit-along, but I already have too many things on the needles.


Oh! That's the theme of the KAL. I keep saying I'm going to join and then I don't. Probably won't again this go around. I love the company, but it's hard to really get into it. Plus I actually don't have a huge amount of gift yarn.

Hope you have a great week :)


what a fabulous KAL idea!! I have a lovely skein of yarn I was gifted that I haven't quite figured out what to do with, and this would be great motivation! I'll hop on over to join....


Funny how some things suddenly hit you in the face.. apparently I can't get anything done because I have a bazillion wips out there. I'm going to take your advice and focus haha maybe I'll get a few things done :)


Pretty mug up there! Beautiful sock and the hat has those cables that are adorable. Sounds like a great idea for using the gifted yarn. I love that you share interesting music Andi! Thank you!


What beautiful socks Andi! I especially love those simple skyp socks :) what a wonderful pattern!

I hope you are having a great week :)



Catching up with your posts! I am so excited to dive into your new KAL/CAL! Love the theme and it's always a joy to be a part of this wonderful place!

kathy b

I think Ill frog my current socks and make the cuff to heel flap all ribbing after seeing yours!

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